The Only Way to Breakthrough

I witnessed many breakthroughs from others last week including my own. With my own eyes, I saw people breaking away from their old and unsupportive behaviours by gathering their courage to overcome their fear to re-create the result in their life.

It’s a wonderful feeling to witness the many breakthroughs from others, and felt even better to have my own breakthrough and win.

After witnessing that many breakthroughs, my conclusion is: Continue reading

Bounce Back From Adversity

Year 2017 is an extremely challenging year. I’ve made many attempts to bounce back from adversity but wasn’t successful. Every attempt was met with more adversities to push me back down.

Time and again, I was on the verge of giving up. Thought of disappearing and going somewhere where no one knows me to start afresh crossed my mind several times. Continue reading

Ending My Life Once and For All

Going through a painful and torturous months. While I thought things are going to be better, it became worse.Every single day, I wish I were dead. Many times, I went out of my place ready to jump.

Since there’s no reason to live, why not end my life? Since there’s no purpose in life, why keep on living?

There are nothing in this world that is worth living, except my son. He’s the only one who pulled me back from doing the irreversible.

And here is a video of my turn around.