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Being Happy And Free All The Time

Pain and struggle are what most of us feel in life. Are you trapped in pain for as long as you can remember? Are you struggling with friends, colleagues, work, relationship and even yourself?


Were you ever trapped in a situation of obligation and happiness? You felt obliged to do stuff that you don’t enjoy, yet you have to do it. Many face with that struggle daily. Many are trapped in these situations which tear them apart. Many are being imprisoned emotionally even though physically they are not.


You want to be happy, but you are doing things that aren’t enjoyable. You want to be free, but you are trapped. You want to feel life, but you feel guilt. Decisions are made from reaction, actions are acted from fear.


So you start looking for a cure to all these; looking for happiness and liberation.

The Search Begins


A treasure hunting journey begins. The treasure – HAPPINESS. Just like many treasure hunting movies shown in the world, you find it but you lose it the very moment you find it. Not only that, sacrifices are made and there is no return. In the end you get another treasure map showing the next destination, and off you go again. This becomes a cycle.


“I am going for the next goal, next dream, next vacation, next car etc. I will be happy when I have that next….” (Fill in the blank)


Do you realize this is a never-ending search?


You had HAPPINESS when you got your next. But the next moment, it’s gone. You start pushing for the next to find HAPPINESS again. And then the cycle repeats itself.




There is no need to search, it is always within you, beside you, inside of you. With the busy-ness of searching the next, you forgot to feel, to check in with yourself. Because you keep looking outside for it, you didn’t realize it’s in you.


In fact the truth is HAPPINESS is at the core of every one of us. The first step is to really find ourselves.


I’ve been through some processes and coaching in the last couple of months to discover who I am, what my core is. The moment I discovered who I am, it was liberation. It brought a new level of awareness of life.


From discovering who I am, I become ME. I no longer put up a mask or a defensive wall to protect ME. I am who I am. A new found HAPPINESS surfaced, but this time it stayed.


With new awareness, I create my life. My action comes from being pro-active instead of being reactive. Making decisions become easier as I have clarity about my path.


Through the newfound HAPPINESS, a newfound business unfounded. I started coaching others, helping others to find their HAPPINESS.


Where To Find ME


Do not get mixed up on what you do and who you are. What you do for a living is not who you are. Go in that direction and you are on the right track.


A few questions you can ask to gain clarity about who you are:

  • What makes you fulfilled?
  • What is effortless to you?
  • What provides you with energy?
  • What would you do for the world?
  • What are you contented with?


These questions may be a guide to show you the right direction, though there may be more work to get you to your core. It’s recommended that you work on this with a Coach.


Let me give you an example of how these questions lead me to my core. Let’s say I gained fulfillment when someone’s gained an AHA about themselves because of what I did, so my core has something to do with inspiration. As a Coach, I’m so totally aligned with my core which allows me to function with conviction.


And many decisions made now will come from this core. Decision making becomes a joyous moment. Of course, you will have more than one core, you can discover them as you go along.


I appreciate that you’ve read so far. Writing this article is also operating from my core. I do hope that you can discover your happiness and freedom very soon!

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  2. Marcella Bales

    Pretty good article. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be coming back and I hope you post again soon.

  3. Thurman Lamarra

    mm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for inexperienced blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.


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