How The Wrong Interpretation Of The World Shackles Your Life

Interpretation of the World showed up a couple of times recently with my clients. And someone shared about principles she learned after attending a program. That’s different interpretation of the world. These interpretations can have affect how we live our life.


There is saying, “There’s no meaning to it until you attach a meaning to it.”


Stuff happens. And we humans like to attach good, bad, right, wrong meanings to it.

For instance, when you’re caught in a traffic jam, the fact is it is a traffic jam; nothing else, right? “No, it’s not good! Traffic jam is bad, I’m angry, upset and frustrated in that jam. Stupid people cause the jam – they can’t even drive properly!”


See that. We attach a meaning to the jam which by itself is neutral, it has no meaning; but we decide that it’s bad or negative.


Several of my clients had their own interpretation of the world, and some of those interpretations don’t serve them in creating a fulfilling life. My clients were struggling with these interpretations, which got them going in circles. Every now and then, they are back in the same place, facing the same challenge in a different way.


Viewing the world in a certain ways, gets you to behave in a certain way. That provides you a certain result. In other words, your view determines the actions you take, which determines your results.


Actually I had my own disempowering interpretations too. My Coach showed me my interpretation. She pointed out my cycle so I can break out of it. Yes, I have a Coach. Guys, I have my blind spots too.


I used to have an interpretation of “after hard work, I must relax.” This caused me huge problems. I can be motivated and driven when a new project comes along. I’ll spend all my efforts to make it work. But once I’m done with it, I’ll rest for a long time until the money runs out. Then I have to take action again. The result is that I’m always reacting to situation can’t choose much.


Because I’m always in reaction and struggle a lot, I’m unable to create my life. I acted because there’s a lack of money not because I wanted to. After collapsing this interpretation, I created a balance. I create my life by moving at a comfortable pace. I envision the life that I desire, and create tasks to get there. I no longer allow circumstances to direct my life. And when I do take on tasks, that’s because I want to. That’s a huge transformation for me.


In fact, everyone has different interpretations of this world. Some support us, some don’’t. Many people are stuck in where they are because of these unsupportive and disempowering interpretation. These unsupportive interpretations cause some to live life in the same cycle. They cause them to live in struggle, reactive mode and unhappiness. These interpretations somehow are responsible in creating the results in our life.


I invite my clients to do some practices so they can shift those unsupportive interpretations. The first step is to identify the unsupportive interpretation.




Before any breakthrough can happen, we have to identify where the breakdown is. Before a mechanic can mend a punctured tyre, he identifies the leak. In our context, we identify these unsupportive interpretations.


It may not be easy to identify those interpretations by just asking questions. It will be easier when you encounter some incidents. From the incident,


1. Check in on how you feel, what shows up for you.

Get into awareness of yourself Be aware of your feeling and reaction. Move from a first person view to third person, and observe. You may start to laugh at yourself behaving in a certain way.


2. What makes you feel this way? What brought about this behaviour?

This is actually not to find out the reason of your feeling and behaviour. It’s more of looking for other                  interpretations of the world. We are not driven by one interpretation, but by many. Chances are this step           will bring forth more interpretations.


3. Fact or Interpretation?

Say from Step 2, you got that “earning money is hard work.” Is this a fact or interpretation? Fact means it is       indisputable. It is true everywhere and all the time. By this time that belief should have collapsed. You will discover most of your thoughts are not facts, so there’re no point believing in them.


This is a very simple method of collapsing your unsupportive interpretations. This should apply to interpretations that are not deeply rooted in your subconscious.


If you need additional support for some hardened interpretations, do go to a Professional.

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