Lessons From My Mom

A great breakthrough of my life! I always have difficulty connecting deeply with my mom. I couldn’t bring myself to share my feelings with her. In fact, we wouldn’t talk about feelings in my family.

After having attended Money & You Program (a transformational program), done a few Breathwork sessions(a healing process) and many other self-discovery programs; I have always wanted to connect with my parents at a deeper level. Or, at least to verbally express my appreciation towards them. But I never had the courage to do it.

From these personal development programs, I discovered that my upbringing had an immense amount of influence on my behaviours, thoughts and beliefs; resulting in what I am and what I have today.

Vividly recalling a family gathering when I was 12, my younger cousin fell and bursted in tears. Since I’m the eldest among them, my mom immediately accused me of pushing him. Being wrongfully accused, I was soaked in anger, and walked away without explaining myself. This incident influence my behaviour as an adult reacting when I was being accused wrongfully.

All these years, I’ve been living under the influence of this incident. In spite of this, I never blamed my Mum for it. I know that she raise me up in the best way she could. I know that she loves me and accepts me for who I am. I should have cleared this up with her to have a completion with her. But I never did. I was afraid. Fortunately, my Life Coach encouraged me to do so, and held me accountable in this.

Bad news to my Coach is that I did not complete with my mom as agreed.

No reprimands from her. Instead, she showered me with profuse compassion, she got me to commit in completing this “assignment” by the next day. I knew I could delay no more.

The next day, I stood in front of my Mum dumb-founded. I did not know how to start the conversation but I did eventually mustered enough courage to let out my first word.

“Mum… The things you did to me in the past had left a great impact in me!  I was affected by all the negative words you said to me. But it’s does not matter anymore. AI just want you to know that if there is a ‘next life’, regardless of what you’ve said and did; I will still want to be your son. Because, I love you!”


Boulders off my shoulders! Instantly, I felt something shifted. I knew that our relationship reached a different level.

Now, I see my Mum in the light of love – absolutely no resentments.  All this while, my Mum has demonstrated unconditional love – showering compassion on people who have hurt her (not just once, but repeatedly). She is a great teacher to me on demonstrating compassion and unconditional love.

With this completion came a breakthrough – I knew I’d not be taunted by fears in life anymore, even if I have to face it head-on.

My life has shifted. I am happier with my present soul – singing and dancing of my own free will!

Parental issues are the most common and “deadly” blocks in almost all of us, barricading us from leading a happy and fulfilling life. And, to some extent, leading to failed relationships or marriages.

I strongly urge you to clear up any upsets (especially those who have affected you for years) you have with your parents. Liberate your soul from all the negative feelings you’ve been harbouring all these years – putting a closure to negativity, and a clean start to a healthy parent-child relationship.

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