Where Is Your Passion In Work?

If I were to show you a video of someone who is a walking zombie with no passion in work, this is how it’ll look like.


Waking up at 6:30am daily reluctantly. Having the thought of sleeping in for 5 more minutes. 6:40am still on bed but that’s the latest he can stretch. After the daily routine of washing up, breakfast and changing, he heads out to work. He doesn’t feel excited about work. He isn’t looking forward to face his colleagues and the load of work on his desk. He constantly reminds himself of his financial commitments that have him stuck to a job he doesn’t like.

He doesn’t put in extra effort for his job, just doing the bare minimum so that he won’t be fired. He doesn’t care if the organization is doing well, as long as he gets his paycheck. He’s waiting for the clock to hit five everyday. Then he waits for another day to come.


Before the year 2003, I behaved in the way that was mentioned above. Totally no passion in work. I was there just for the paycheck, I didn’t care about anything else in the company.


Fortunately, I no longer live in that passionless life. Now I’m full of passion with work. I am looking forward to add value to my clients every single day.


I got curious about that “dead” life. This caused me to start observing people. On some mornings, I observe people who are on their way to work. And I wonder what causes them to be no passion with work. I’m sure when they first joined the work force, they worked with passion and zest. But somewhere along the way, they lost their passion for work. I wanted to know why.


What causes them to lose passion in work?


1. People

It could be created by colleagues. When it comes to dealing with people, there can be many assumptions. These assumptions create misunderstandings, hence create judgements. These judgements if not cleared up, create frustration, anger, resignation. Eventually these lead to losing passion at work.


2. Growth

One of our human needs is growth. We want to know that we are improving and growing in a organization. If you are not growing, you are actually rotting. That’s the reason the education and self -development industry are growing in speed because people want to grow and improve. We are constantly looking for new knowledge, skills and challenges.


When a person can no longer grow or gain new knowledge in the organization, he may start losing passion in his work gradually. If he can’t have new challenges in the current organization, he’ll look for them elsewhere.


3. Purpose

No purpose, no passion. The two-P’s are partners in crime. They come in a package. A person who doesn’t see his value in the organization, will not understand his purpose and contribution to the world. If his job has become a routine to him, he may lose himself in it. This happens mainly in bigger organizations when jobs are broken down, and individuals are in-charge of their own roles only.


Like a jigsaw puzzle, there are many different pieces of job scopes. And each employee is responsible for one piece of the jigsaw puzzle. So, he doesn’t get to see the whole picture. He probably feels that one piece of the jigsaw doesn’t have any significance by itself. This results in frustration which leads to anger and then resignation.


How To Reignite Your Passion For Work


1. Find Out Who You Are

There are two reasons why these are important. First, knowing who you are allows you to gain understanding if it’s a job fit issue. If it is, then there’re no other alternatives other than changing your job. Furthermore, knowing who you are helps you in getting a next suitable job.


Second, if it’s not a job fit issue, then you have to work on yourself. Knowing who you are supports you in acting from your core. Your core is where you find energy and passion. As long as you tap into your core, you’ll never lose that passion.


For example, one of my core is FLAME. I light up and shine so that others can see. Since I’m involved in personal development work, I’m operating from my core. From 2003, there was never a day that I wanted to stop shining and inspiring others.

Now the time here is 11:30pm, Sunday. And I’m writing this article with full energy. Because I’m acting from my core. Thus, it’s important to find your core.

If you are having trouble on this, you may like to get help from a coach.


2. What’s In It For You

Losing passion in work could mean there’s nothing else you can gain from the job besides the paycheck. Unfortunately, money is hardly a sustainable motivator. Your passion is usually sustained by other factors. You have to search from within for your motivator.


It could be promotion, significance, freedom, experience, challenges etc. Something in your job must fulfill and satisfy a part of you. Dig that out, it’s your igniter.


3. Look At The Bigger Picture

Remember the jigsaw puzzle. If your job is a small piece of that puzzle, stand back to look at the bigger picture. You’ll see the bigger purpose of your job. Count the number of people that you are actually helping. Look at the number of people who will benefit from what you are doing. You are actually contributing to the greater good.


In any case, the first thing to really find out is job fit. If a job can’t allow you to operate from your core, there is no way that you can ignite the passion for work. I would encourage you to discover your core before anything else.

5 thoughts on “Where Is Your Passion In Work?

  1. Bernice Tey

    Hi Joe,
    It’s really cool to read your stories, and watch how you have been transform in your own journey, especially since we are in the same batch in teen’s day! Great Joe JOb! Hope to see your continue to do what you love, impacting and inspiring.
    You help me rekindle some dreams of mine which i have lost this year in your stories…thanks!

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hi Bernice,
      Really nice connecting with you again after so many years. I get that you are also passionate about what you are doing.

      What are some of your dreams?


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