Express Emotions To Live Freely

We live in a world of machines where we are being surrounded by machines. We can’t function when the machines breakdown. At times, I really thought the movie, Matrix by Keanu Reeves is so real. What if it is real? Are you going to take the red or blue pill? (Love this movie so much that I watched it 5 times)

Alright, I’m not talking about machines in the form of computers, TVs, planes, conveyor belt etc. I’m pointing to human as machines. We are becoming like machines – emotionless.


How many of you take the train, bus or walk on streets daily? Do you ever notice the expression of people? Doyou notice that they don’t have expressions on their face? Are they happy, sad, angry, I wonder. Do you ever notice about yourself too? Do you actually feel and express your own emotions? Or you hide them for that long so much so that you don’t even know they exist?


Hey, we are born to feel and express our emotions. Take a look at babies. They are living and feeling comfortable with their emotions. They express how they feel at that moment. Once express how they are feeling, they are back to normal. No grudges, no judgements. You can see them crying now, the next second they are jumping and laughing.


In the process of growing up, we were told not to cry, not to be angry, not to feel. We started to practice hiding our emotions so that we won’t be hurt or judge. But we are hurting ourselves from inside. We are trapping our spirit, imprisoning our soul.


We are being trapped by our self created culture. A culture where emotions shouldn’t be shown easily. A culture where showing emotions means you are weak.


I found out that there are many who are unable to feel. When being asked, “How are you feeling right now?” The response usually comes from the head. They think about how they feel, instead of really feeling their emotions.

The question is “How are you feeling?” The correct responses are “I’m angry.” “I’m sad.” “I’m in joy.”


For those who can feel, another issue they may face is the unwillingness to express the emotions. They are holding it back just like what they were told when they were young.


I used to belong to the group who couldn’t feel. Friends called me “a block of wood.” Gradually after practicing for a long time, I was able to feel my emotions but I face the next problem of expressing.


After doing a lot of work on myself, now I have that courage to express my emotions. I express them by saying, shouting, singing, playing, crying etc. I release the emotions by doing what need to be done.


Oh boy, when I learned to release the emotions, I felt liberation. I’m no longer trap in my self-created world or expectation. I feel total freedom. Laughing, crying, shouting whenever I feel like it.It ‘s like back being a child, to be with that feeling. Releasing the emotions when needed to, and fully feel like a human again!

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