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More Testimonial – Result of 2 Sessions of Coaching

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the article. Anyway, just to update you. I think there is some progress with my callings and asking for support from my colleagues.

Well, instead of doing just 10 calls a day and reading news in between, I am currently doing between 10-20 calls per day without feeling annoying or procrastinating on each and every call I made. In between, I actually update my phone script, looking at some news and online trading charts. I think I kinda start to accept the nature of my job, and that calling is just one part of it. And I feel that I am actually learning something and developing some skills from each call I made. The fluency of each call tends to get better. I manage to secure 4 appointments so far out of 50 calls. Just hope to work towards better turnover rate on getting appointments with each call made.

And with regards to asking for support from my colleagues, I am actually more spontaneous towards asking for guidance now than before. I am still very lost most of the time and do not know what to do. Now, everyday I would approach the top sales girl from my team to ask for help and instructions. And she is nice, very willing to help and guide me. Tomorrow I will be asking her to teach me on the presentation part.

I think I have been isolating myself for too long of a period. Trying to learn, experience and  discover things on my own. Which sometimes could be quite sad because you always alone, facing solitary. Now, I realized that its great to have people around you. Build friendship, sharing knowledge and experience. Also, when I start to open up to people, people starts to open up to me as well and I am not alone anymore.

And also, when the time comes for me to bring myself to the next level, I hope you will be there to guide me once again.

Thank you Joe.

See you soon.


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