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Succeed Even When You Are Losing

When were the last time you did something out of your comfort zone? When were the last time you did something that stretched your ability? When were the last time you did something that seems impossible?


Are you someone who thinks, analyzes and thinks again before coming to a decision to act? Or are you more of an action taker where making decisions is an easy chore?


I’m more of the latter. Ideas comes to me fast, I choose to act or dump it very quickly too. In fact, I acted even faster when I was younger. As I gain life experiences over the years, I tend to hold my horses nowadays, taking up more time to analyze before making a decision.


And I realized that regardless of the time I spent to analyze, it’ll come down to one thing. “There is no such thing as the best decision.” Choosing A or B, doing it or not will eventually leads me to the correction phase. Correction is an inevitable phase in any action. It means it didn’t turn out the way I want it, and I got to make some changes/improvement.


Interestingly, I got excited during the correction phase. That’s where I get to experiment and test new strategies. Watching the results changed due to the testing and experimenting get me jumping.


Since any action will lead us to correction, so why not just act on any idea that comes to our mind? You won’t know if it will work until you get into it. And when you get into it, you’ll get into the correction phase. In that phase you will have a chance to get it right, and you will ensure that it will be right. So that means every idea has the potential to succeed. The gap is getting it into motion.


There will be fear before acting on any ideas. Fear of failure, fear of losing, fear of rejection, fear of uncertainties etc. What can you do to overcome this?


I would like to share with you two Principles to get you started. Both principles must work hand in hand to be effective.


Declare Your Intended Result

Announcing with power what you set to achieve. John F Kennedy declared that man was going to the moon. He didn’t know how to do it, yet he declared to the world. And we had man on the moon!


Get in touch with your power, then announce to the people around you. Take every chance to declare your desired results. There will be negativist, but ignore them and focus on your desired results.


Consistently make your declaration internally. This gets you to check in with your declaration, to remain focus.


Assume You Will Not Succeed

This is the second Principle. Yes, assume that your declaration won’t succeed. This is not negativity or disempowering. This is to get the expectation out of the way. This is to get you to detach from the outcome.


The result may not turn out the way you want it. But what will you lose even if it didn’t turn out the way you like?


Assuming you will not succeed doesn’t mean you give up on your declaration. You still work on your declaration, you still play to win, but with no expectation. Expectation stops people from playing to win. “I make that first call, but what if I’m rejected.” “I write that book, but what if no one wants to buy.” You make that call, expecting people to buy from you or write that book expecting to be the best-seller. And those expectations stop many from taking action.


Think it from another place. What will happen if you make that first call assuming you will not succeed? How would you feel if you write that first page of your book understanding that it may not turn out the way you want? The whole perspective changes, isn’t it?


A golfer gives his 100% even though he may not win the Championship all the time. He plays to win, but he understands that it may not turns out the way he wants it. He didn’t quit playing, he continues to play to win, yet assuming that he won’t win, and he gets to enjoy the process of playing.


Detaching from the expectation gets you into action as it gets you to a point where there are no judgements on not achieving it.


This is my distinction for today. Declare the impossible. That’s where breakthroughs happen!

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