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Got stuck at where you are? This feeling sucks, right? This feeling is like a nightmare that I used to have. In the nightmare, I ran very hard to escape from the monster’s clutch. But no matter how hard I ran, I wasn’t moving. Usually I woke up before I was caught. And the frustration of not moving is so real. The irony thing is in reality, I am a speed demon. But in the nightmare, I lost the speed to escape and break free.


Another way of describing being stuck in life is like running on a treadmill. You run hard, your sweat is dripping down fast from your forehead, but you remain on that same position.

Do you have this similar feeling of running very hard yet didn’t move much from the original position too?


I assume that many of us had this feeling before. Some are still having this feeling even after being stuck for a long time. How come after being stuck for a long time, some are still stuck? What is stopping them from moving forward?


The answer is THEMSELVES!


Many are stuck for a long time because they have given up their own power. They resign from owning that power. They give away that power to the people around them, their environment or divinity.


When they couldn’t have their dream life, they said because their friends didn’t support them. When they lost money in investment, they said the bank cheated their money. When they constantly face obstacles, they asked God, why is it them?


They never learn, that’s why they are stuck at the same place for years. They have given that power to someone or something else.


Some use the word “UNLUCKY”. I highly recommend you to get this word out of your dictionary. It’s an disempowering word. It gets you to look outside for a reason of your misfortunate rather than looking inside to recognize your power to create.


Giving away your power is usually chosen from a place of avoidance, fear or resignation. It an easy way to choose from as you do not have to change yourself. But at the same time, you are giving up the power to change and create, resulting in being stuck.


What can you do?


Get to know yourself. Who are you? What are your essence? What is your purpose? I wrote a post previously about knowing yourself.


Then choose from a new place. This new place can be from your essence or purpose. It can also be from vision, possibility, compassion and love.


Last 2 weeks, I went through some rough patches. One of my clients stopped her coaching program. I couldn’t get any new client. I received more NO’s then YES. Business is moving very slow. I was frustrated.


I actually slowed down, assessed all the situations and made a new choice. Even with all the “misfortunes”, I declared to choose from purpose, possibility and love. What will I do if I were to come from purpose? What will I do if I were to come from possibility? What will I do if I were to come from love?


From purpose, I will continue doing what I do in a FUN way. From possibility, I explored other alternatives that I’ve never look at before. And from love, I contact my prospects again knowing that they will need my support in achieving their dream life.

From a new choice, I created new possibilities in the last 3 days. These new possibilities got me new results that I’ve never expected. I moved away from the stuck position because I choose from a new place 3 days ago.


So where will you choose from?

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  1. Bernice tey

    This is so true – I have never think I am unlucky or lucky in any bad and good situations. Carry on the great work Joe!


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