A Rude Boy On The Train

“You are so stupid, don’t even know what is a jailbreak,” exclaimed a 7 years old son.


This is a conversation of a son and his mother I overheard on the train. Here is how it goes:

Son: Why you don’t know what is a jailbreak? All my classmates know, you don’t know. You are so stupid. You should go back to kindergarden.

Mother: You so rude. (Said softly)

Son: You don’t know what is a jailbreak. Auntie knows, you don’t know.

Mother: Then you explain to me. (Said softly)

Son: I don’t know how to explain. Jailbreak also don’t know, what you know? You know how to eat.

Mother: I know how to earn money.

Son: You so stupid, come out with you is so irritating.


My blood was boiling when I heard this conversation that was happening beside me. The conversation hadbeen going on for about 10 minutes with the son whining to the mother. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.


I blasted the boy.


I turned to the mum to apologize. She responded by two words, “Thank you.” She added, “It was needed because there’s no man at home.”


She started tearing for the rest of the journey.


It doesn’t matter what I told the boy. I’m more interested in what created this behaviour. What do you think causes the boy’s behaviour?

8 thoughts on “A Rude Boy On The Train

  1. Shawn

    This boy he himself don’t even know what is jailbreak. There are many these kind of people in the society and they themselves still they are on top of the air.

    It could be peer pressure and the education in school now not doing the correct way. I believe even some of the teachers behave that way. (internally). No offense for teachers. 🙂

  2. Terence

    My parents always tell me, if you are not taught the lesson at home, you will be taught the lesson in society. Thank you for having the courage to teach that lesson.

  3. Stefanie Wong

    I just being curious here if he has some angst, some inferior complexity, feeling of unwanted, resentment and some incompleteness. He is probably blaming someone for his current state/status. He might have some embarrassing moments in school and peer pressure too. He is struggling with looking good in front of others.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      I agree with you about incompleteness and embarrassing moments in school. Sometimes kids blame themselves for their parents’ separation.

  4. cassandra

    Agree with Stef. All attack is a call for help. I don’t think he really meant to hurt his mom. Maybe there’s something he’s wanting that he hasn’t gotten, which makes him act in a way to hurt her. That’s my reflection from my own attacks on others. Joe, I feel myself backsliding into unconscious thinking and actions lately. Help, coach!!!!!

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