Stop Surrendering To Life

What happened to you, my friend? The world seems to be gray in your eyes after all these years. Instead of growing, progressing and becoming a better person, you remain the same without growth. Since the last time I saw you 5 years ago, you become less confident and more cynical.


Did you surrender to life?

This is a friend whom I’ve not met for 5 years. We met yesterday and he has changed. Everything to him now is hard. Working for people is hard, being a freelancer is hard, finding clients is hard, striking out on his own is hard.


8 years ago, both of us graduated from the same seminar. Life was full of possibilities. We wanted to be financially free. We wanted to design our lives the way we like it. We were filled with dreams.

Throughout the 8 years, life threw curve balls, tsunami and earthquake at us. I managed them, learned and grew along the way.


But my friend took those challenges negatively. He complained, he whined, he gave up. Every possibility that was proposed to him was counter with an excuse.


We were on conversation about books. He said that don’t need to read books, because after he completed a book, he forgot about the first page.


Moving on to successful people like Bill Gates, Steve Job and Warren Buffett. He said that these people do things that he doesn’t do. It’s not him to be like them.


How did he turn out this way?


After attending transformational seminars, there is no guarantee that your life will turn out well. These seminars awaken your soul, but there are some work to do. For some, the work is little, for others there may be a lot more work.


For my friend, I’m guessing 2 possible causes:


Wrong People

He may be hanging around with the wrong people. Disempowering people poisons the mind and soul. When we hang around in groups, the influence goes both ways. It’s either you influence the rest or they influence you.


My friend might be influenced by the cynic. He isn’t happy with his situation, but all he does is complains. He doesn’t do anything to change the situation. When solution was proposed, he came out with more complains.


Not Asking For Support

All of us face challenges in life. Things don’t always turn out the way we want it. Probably my friend allowed himself to indulge in those challenging moments, and start to form stories around his head.


He didn’t ask for help from anyone. He’s probably assuming that no one will help him. He went into his shell, be alone, hoping that all the problems will go away. This can lead to depression. Yes, I was in this spiral once.


He’ll start questioning God or Universe. He’ll start to mentioned the world isn’t fair. And that’s it, his world crumble once he’s in that state. His self esteem crashed, he no longer thinks that he’s good. He surrendered to life. He will accept whatever life gives him, but complains behind his mind.


So what other possible causes that you feel may have caused my friend to spiral downward? Do share your views in the comment box!

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