Meaningful Christmas 2011

Christmas is one of those times where most spend time with friends and family. I’m no difference, I like to spend time with friends and family too.

But this year is different from all other Christmas in the past. There was no party, no gathering for me. It was a quiet Christmas with myself, some inspiring movies and Playstation 3.

Though it was a quiet Christmas, it was the most meaningful Christmas that I ever had.

A friend, Bee Bee asked if I wanted to join her in distributing gifts to a Home for the Intellectual Disabled. I immediately agreed.

And there I was on Christmas day, seeing a hall of new friends whom I’ve not yet met. I got a message, “while we are partying out there, there is a group of people whom we’ve forgotten.”

The joy begins!

Vincent, Linda, David started their singing on stage with oldies, Christmas songs to entertain the group. The rest of us started giving out sweets, biscuits, chocolates, soft toys to everyone.


While distributing, I started conversation with some of them. They too want love, attention and people to talk to, just like us. Some are playful, some like to sing, some are quiet, some like to talk, some want to be friends.


The feeling of seeing them having fun and joy is indescribable. This experience is unforgettable. This experience got me to be congruent. I was sharing about SERVICE in Rotary Youth Leadership Camp to my group last week, here I was demonstrating it.

This is the quietest Christmas I ever had, but it’s the most meaningful one. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Thank you Universe for providing, so that I can give in this small manner. Thank you for an able body and mind, so that I can do something to humanity!


5 thoughts on “Meaningful Christmas 2011

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hi Mattias,
      I imagine if everyone spend 2 hours on Christmas to spread joy and love a group of forgotten, how nice will it be?

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hi Randy,
      It’s my honour to have you visit my blog.
      Actually I saw you on speaking on stage few years back when you are in Singapore!

  1. Subrina

    Many people used to take things for granted that they do not realise how fortunate they are.
    Some said these sort of sharings or spreading of joy or love are for those who have money and plenty of time to spare. But they do not realised that the joy or contentment that we see on the faces of the needy or less fortunate actually make us be appreciative of what we already have. Also one does not need to be wealthly inorder to give back to the society. Spreading of joy or love in this small way too can manifest in its big way which money cannot buy.


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