Life Is Short, Live Adventurously, Have Fun

A short and powerful video that a friend posted on Facebook. A good reminder about what life should be. Living life to the fullest and experiencing life is what we are all here to do.

I met someone by the name of Tham Chee Wah 2 weeks ago. He’s one of those who live life to the max. He travelled to more than 40 countries so far. He enjoys his travel, always taking time to move and understand the countries and the people. He blogs about his expedition, and that landed him a brand consultant for companies.

Chee Wah demonstrated to me what is living life to the fullest!

Life becomes fun when we do what we love, explore the uncharted territory and play full out. But how come not many are doing it? How come many are doing what they don’t like, playing safe and unwilling to dream big? How come many don’t seem to love their life?

It all started from young.

At a young age, we were being instilled limitation onto us. We were being told that we couldn’t do the things we love as and when we like. Our parents’ actions put a cap on our capability and experiences.

At a young age, Chee Wah’s parents never restricted him in whatever he did. He had freedom in making choices. So at the age of 12, he started his traveling experience without his parents. That allowed him to build a mindset of freedom. He brought that mindset into adulthood which got him to experience freedom by traveling, doing the things he loves and not being restricted by social norms.

We were educated since young that it’s wrong to do what we love especially in my country. I was a soccer fanatics during my teenage years. I played soccer everyday, but I was told that playing soccer can’t get me anywhere. There is no future playing soccer. I was taught that there are only some careers that can have a future when I get into adulthood, and soccer is not one of them.

There are many similar examples like mine. Children who loves singing, art, drama or dancing had to give up what they love for a concept called survival. Children were given the perception of survival means they have to hold onto a 9-5 job.

Many are struggling between survival and freedom. They gave up freedom for survival. Look at the number of unhappy people lock-up in an office cubicle on a certain timing daily. They trade away their freedom to survive. They trade away their dreams to earn a living. All this happen because we were trained to get a job, dreams will always remain dreams.

What if this concept is absolutely not true?

What if you can actually do what you love all the time?

What if you can have your dreams come true and have a great life?

You know you can absolutely and definitely live the life you envision, and do the things you love. Giving up your freedom for survival is a myth. It’s a myth that wants to lock you down into becoming a slave to somebody.

And the truth is you can break free from this myth, you can free yourself from that slavery by making one declaration. This will be the declaration of your life.

A declaration that gets you started to design your life and live the life you love.


So how will your dream life looks like? If you like to travel, go travel. If you like to sky-dive, go dive. If you like to dance, go dance. If you like to sing, go sing. If you like to inspire, go inspire. Do the unthinkable, you will discover it is actually not that unthinkable. Conquer the impossible!

You may have doubts now due to commitments now. All you have to do is to declare it, and start designing it for your dream life to happen. If you still have doubt, watch the video below.

It inspires me, I hope it inspires you too.

8 thoughts on “Life Is Short, Live Adventurously, Have Fun

  1. vivie

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article Joe. 🙂
    Sometimes..probably most of the time we just dont realize how simple life it could be. Well..sometimes life is not that easy, and so what..?? It doesnr mean that we can’t enjoy our journey in this short life. This article has shown me what the essential of life is. 🙂

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hi Vivie,
      Just go out there to enjoy and do what you love. Life is about experiencing. How is you coaching going along?


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