33 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Achieving goals and dreams is an important topic to discuss in everyone’s life. Because 80% – 90% of the population don’t achieve their goals. I am one of them too. And it was exactly because I don’t achieve them, got me to find out  how come sometimes I achieved them and sometimes I didn’t.

From my failures of achieving goals, I discovered a certain set of patterns and behaviours from myself.  I found out that when I achieved my goals, that’s because I did a set of activities which I called Activity A. When I didn’t achieve my goals, that’s because I did another set of activities called Activity B.

From these discovery, I learn that if I want to achieve my goals, all I need to do is to constantly practice Activity A.

Activity A is not one activity, it’s a set of activities. They are a set of small activities that can be done easily, some not more than 5 minutes a day, and some just have to do them once a week. Whenever I get into these activities, achieving my goals is no longer a dream. Therefore I generated this list of 33 simple activities from my own experience.

Here are the list of my success activities:

  1. Write the goals down.
  2. Look at the goals daily.
  3. Breakdown the goals to smaller milestones.
  4. Have an action plan.
  5. Invest 5 mins to think about the action plans and milestones in the morning daily.
  6. Set to accomplish something that moves you forward daily.
  7. Exercise to maintain energy.
  8. Celebrate when it is due.
  9. Share with positive friends about the goals, plans and action.
  10. Set up support group to hold me accountable.
  11. Set up structure to ensure I’m on course.
  12. Read daily to expand my knowledge.
  13. Generate new ideas regularly to achieve the goals faster.
  14. Speak to successful people weekly.
  15. Have ideas sparring with friends weekly.
  16. Being open to feedback, comments and even criticism.
  17. Put the goals somewhere that is visible.
  18. Hold the rules and structure very tightly.
  19. When the mind starts to chatter, gets into action.
  20. Allocate rewards for achieving milestones.
  21. Refer back to the bigger picture constantly.
  22. Find the best environment to work.
  23. Find the best timing to work. Morning, afternoon or evening.
  24. Create a structure so that you can work on your worst timing too.
  25. Follow this structure tightly.
  26. Create consequences if I fail to follow the structure.
  27. Leave no room for excuses and justification.
  28. Cut down on TV time.
  29. Invest at least 4 hours daily in taking action.
  30. Invest at least 30 minutes a day thinking of how to improve the current results.
  31. Contact friends whom you’ve not met for a long time to share with them what you are up to.
  32. Ask for support if you need.

In retrospect, whenever I achieved my goals, I did these 33 simple activities consistently. And whenever I didn’t achieve my goals, I discovered that there are at least 7 activities that I didn’t do consistently or did the opposite.

These activities are actually not very hard to do. Though most of them requires time, but once you cut down on TV, you actually buy yourself a minimum of 1 hour. With this extra hour, you can accomplished a lot more activities. So are the goals more important than the TV shows?

These activities work for me, I would love that you can add to the list. Are there any other activities that are working for you? Do leave it in the comment box!

2 thoughts on “33 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

  1. Selena

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