Celebrating The Chinese New Year

We just celebrated Year 2012 three weeks ago. This time we are celebrating the Chinese New Year 2012. It’s a time when relatives and friends gather to have meals, fellowship and fun together.

The beginning of the new year till now has been great so far. New work team formed, new projects partners found, new opportunities uncovered, new possibilities discovered and new structures set up. It is extremely exciting with all the business meetings to explore possibilities.

First of all, we better defined our Company, Actionpreneur in the coaching industry. Our presence in the industry has been felt, and we are attracting people and opportunities.

Year 2012 alone, these are the confirmed opportunities.

  • Involved in a 5,000 people event in Philippines to promote coaching. A new possibilities came out from here – create a book in 2.5 months to promote it in this event.
  • Involved in 4 sessions of OCBC team training. This is the first joint venture project with Ascella Sdn Bhd. We are expecting many more to come in our joint venture.
  • Taking on Advance Master Class for the next 12 weeks, coaching 12 participants.
  • Launch of Life Mastery Program on 7 Jan 2012.

These are the in-progress ones.

  • Personal Power Program for an International Bank.
  • Innovation and Enterprise Training for a Primary School.
  • 1 referrals to personal coaching.
  • 1 decided to take up full coaching program and to follow up.
  • Introducing coaching to one of the oldest Multi-Level-Marketing Company.

These are the slightly further ones.

  •  Joint venture to Indonesia, Jarkarta.
  •  Work closely with Singapore Institute of Management.

Opportunities aside, it’s the new team that got me excited. With Dennis Tan and Stefanie Wong, we set up structures to support and discipline ourselves. We keep each other in check and are accountable to one another. We are involved together in all projects this year.

These were made possible because of the power of the team. Also it’s the power of focus. When everyone in the team is focus 100% on a end goal, we create and attract opportunities.

In the first month of 2012, we generated so much possibilities. I am looking for a fruitful and prosperous Year 2012.

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