Getting Out of Depression

I am not therapist trained that can solve a depression. I am not certified in helping depression patients or anything like that.All  I had was a mild depression experience and that’s it. The thing is when I’m in it, I didn’t know that I’m in a depression until I was out of it.

The scary thing about depression is that you don’t want to get out. You close yourself up to everyone. For some it may be avoiding the topic that got them into depression all together. There will also be a group who wants to get out but don’t know how to. Some others wants to get out but find reasons how come they can’t get out. They continue to spiral downwards into a deeper hole.


Why Not Get Out

They feel that it is safe in this hole. This hole is probably the safest place in their perspective. In their view, no other place is safer than this hole. Taking any form of action to get out of the hole is risky. That is how they see.

Of course, a normal person will know it’s absolutely nonsense. A normal person will feel that doing anything is safer than being in the hole. But for someone in depression, he/she will think otherwise, because it’s safer in their view.

They are like hanging on a cliff with a rope. Their strength is being sapped away, and they will drop further down the cliff. At the same time there is a out-stretched hand wanting to pull them up. But they refuse to grab hold out the out-stretched hand, thinking that it’s safer to hold onto the rope.


How Did I Get Out

The support of friends and team mates really help me to overcome the state of depression. I’m very grateful to all those who never give up on me. Some of the friends persistently catch up with me, though I kept that at bay. Finally I relented and allowed them to come in.

Their continuous encouragement helped a lot. They kept reminding me of who I am and my purpose here. They believe in me when I don’t believe in myself. They constantly engage in conversation with me, invite me for lunch, dinner or activities etc.

Beside that, there are others who trusted me. Even though I’m down and out, these group of people gave me opportunities and financial support. They trusted that I will climb back up soon, and make it big.

With all the support and encouragement, I found myself again. Reignite my purpose and finding new goals, I picked myself up bit by bit. It wasn’t an overnight awakening, it was a slow and steady process.

After 3 months of all the encouragement, I was in full throttle finally. This year is going to the best years of my life.

My experience says get help, support and encouragement when you are in depression. Work on something that you are passionate, get into purpose and move your life on that purpose. If you are still stuck, please get professional help. It’s not good to dwell in depression for too long.

One thought on “Getting Out of Depression

  1. Eduardo

    I do like how the establishing shot nretud out, Bud. It was a lot of fun to do.There’s a song lyric that goes something like, Being lonely is a habit / Like smoking or taking drugs / And I’ve quit them both but man was it rough. That might be where I got the idea for this comic.


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