Building Business With Integrity

Since 2003, I’ve been running business. Though I experienced more failures than successes, these failures taught me many lessons. And these valuable lessons gotten me to innovate and evolve the business model and direction to grow the business.

Though the business model is evolving constantly, INTEGRITY to run the business hasn’t change a bit. From the beginning, INTEGRITY is built into the business. Because of this, clients engaged our service time and again.

The thing is I really didn’t think so much about clients coming back. My intention is to deliver results to the clients whom placed their trust in us. I didn’t know until recently that this is so crucial for our business.

This is what happened.

From 2006 – 2008, we were conducting workshops for this client. In 2009, due to the change in business direction, we didn’t continue to service them. Of course, they got another company to conduct similar workshops for them.

It turned out to be a nightmare for the client.

That company couldn’t deliver what they promised. They couldn’t meet the client’s expectation. They couldn’t even fulfilled the administration aspect of it.

This client emailed me three weeks ago, asking if we are still in business. Of course we are! We met to understand their situation and decided to support them, although we reduced business operation in this area. I like to support this client because they are the best client I ever had. This client entrusted and empowered us to do anything that add value to the workshop. I enjoyed working with her for three years, trust was built between us in that three years.

What she said during the meeting placed joy into my heart. “We had been underpaying you, Joe.” That’s the best statement I heard in 2012.

I looked back in those 9 years and asked, what did I do? I actually always deliver results. When I couldn’t, I faced up to it. I answered and took responsibility for it.

I didn’t promise what I can’t achieve. I rather lose the deal, than to have it and then lose it badly.

I believe I’ve lost deals because of this, but I’ve built trust and confidence in the rest of my clients. Having INTEGRITY in business may resulted in slow growth, but it served me long term. And I’m here for the long term.

5 thoughts on “Building Business With Integrity

  1. Mattias

    How wonderful to meet again after such a long time for you and this client for understanding and a constructive continuation of business as well.A good example!

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hi Mattias, it was really a wonderful meeting up with the client again. In fact lots of catch up to do. We were chatting for 2 hours before we got into business.

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  3. Subrina Ng

    Well done! It all boils down to what value we have been instilled since young. I quitted my job in 2007 for the simple reason that I don’t trade integrity! It is something that money cannot equate with. It takes years to build and seconds to lose. Some thought it was crazy of me but what matters most is but the conscience and peace of mind.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Yes, once integrity is trade, there is no turning back. Being true to ourselves and having the courage to act on it, allow us to stand tall. Actually people are watching our behaviour all the time. A very rich person told me that he has been observing me for 6 months. Finally he was certain to invest money in my business.


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