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Breakthrough After 9 Years

4:30am, oh gosh! Why do I wake up at this hour? I don’t know but I just couldn’t get back to sleep. This is not the hour that I wake up normally. I’m someone who loves to sleep, so this is unusual.

Do I read? Do I do some work? Or maybe I pen down some thoughts here. But what do I want to write? What can I write at this hour so that you can gain some values? I am stuck actually.

So I reflect!

9 years! It has been 9 years since I started Actionpreneur Pte Ltd. Next year, I can celebrate the 10th anniversary.

What did I learn in business and life in the last 9 years? What is different 9 years ago and now?

9 years ago, no one knew who I was. Now, a few more people know who I am. And these few more people are very important people who are instrumental to my growth, and shaping who I am today.

There are so much changes in me in the last 9 years that I don’t know where to start writing. Just like the mobile phone industry has gone through huge changes from Nokia being the leading brand to now Apple iPhone. Or the online interface industry from Friendsters to Facebook. My life has gone through huge changes except maybe the number of gray hair remains the same.

One major area that has changed is the way I treat fellow human beings. I guess in the past people to me is a number. I talked about how big is my network. How many people I closed last night? How big is the team? In my frame, human is a result.

Human is a tool. Who can help me? Who can do this task? Who can finish the job? Who can refer me business? I don’t do coffee session with people when there’s no agenda. Those gatherings with no business value don’t entice me at all.

You must be thinking, what kind of jerk I am? Treating my fellow brothers and sisters these ways. I have to agree that I wasn’t a pleasant person to work with then.

9 years later, fortunately that has changed. Human being are human being. People are people. Numbers are numbers. I no longer mix them up. This is my greatest breakthrough. It’s not what I achieved or how much I made. It’s the connection I had with people. The deep connection with friends, associates and clients are the most valuable in my life journey.

This is usually a trade-off for those who are result oriented. This group of people weighs results more than anything else, even more important than human connection. Actually I’m in this group. I look at results all the time. I sacrifice connection with human to look at tasks, deadlines, action all the time. I wouldn’t say I’ve changed, I’m learning to balance having both results and human relationship.

It’s not easy at all. So everyday I’m practicing these three things: COMPASSION, SUPPORT and CONNECTION. And how do I access these three things to achieve results? This is a question mark to me sometimes.

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