7 Ways To Attract The Right Opportunities

Do you have a problem? A problem of opportunity. Either too much or lack of opportunities can create some challenges for you. Too much opportunities create challenges of choosing the right one. Lack of opportunity causes the challenges of nothing to choose from, hence choosing whichever that come.

I’m assuming that you would like to attract as many opportunities as you can. Comparing the challenge of too many opportunities and lack of opportunities, I prefer to have the challenge of having too many opportunity. To be more specific, many “right” opportunities.

Having many “right” opportunities doesn’t take away the headache of choosing. It does takes away the problem of choosing the “wrong” one. The benefit of many “right” opportunities is that mostly they will suit you.

How do you attract the right opportunities? How do you attract the right people presenting you the right offer?

1. Know Thyself

Know your strengths, weaknesses, passions, dislikes etc helps to cut down the number of wrong opportunities.

Being clear with what you love prevent you from getting into opportunities that don’t suit you. I was once flooded with opportunities, and took part in some of them. Eventually I found out that most didn’t suit me. I didn’t have the passion to drive the opportunities. In the end, I came back to my core passion – inspiring others.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses clearly helps you to choose the right opportunities and be in the right seat. I had an opportunity to help a company design a website. Though I had the basic skill of designing a website, I wasn’t professional enough to make money from it. I did make the mistake of saying ‘yes’. However, I couldn’t deliver after 2 months, so I told the truth that I couldn’t do it. But it wasted 2 months of everyone’s time.

Be clear about YOU, it helps to attract opportunities that will suit you only. You will learn to turn a blind eye to those unsuitable opportunities. It helps cut down unnecessary effort and time. You will be in tune to spot those opportunities that are suitable to you only.


2. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to marketing. It’s the key to brand yourself as well. Influential and successful people prefer to pass opportunities to someone whom they feel will continue doing what they are doing for the next 10 years.

Successful people tend to avoid those who keep moving onto new things. A simple illustration will be an employer interviewing someone who job-hop every 3 months. Though there are many interpretation of the job-hopping, but one of them are inconsistency. Employers wouldn’t want to hire someone who is inconsistent.

It takes time for others to notice your value. It takes a while for others to start talking about you. Allow time to be your friend. Being consistent builds on what you have already been working on. Look at every successful people in the world, they are consistent for decades. You don’t hear Bill Gates working on a new business every year. Or Steve Jobs putting his hands around the oil industry. They are consistent with what they do, building a brand for themselves. Those opportunities that they embark on are the ones that suits them them most.


3. Be Reliable

This is a very important key to attracting the “right” opportunities. The “right” opportunities comes to those who are most reliable. The “wrong” opportunities goes to anyone. When someone presents an opportunity to you, he/she will likely heard or knew that you are reliable to deliver the result.

No one will present a good opportunity to someone who is unreliable and changes his/her mind constantly. You wouldn’t want to work with someone like that too, right?


4. Attain Mastery

This key is related to Being Consistent. Consistency with ever improvement allows you to gain mastery in a skill. Attaining mastery in a skill which will definitely attracts the right opportunity. When you are a master of an area that can add value to others, opportunities will flock to you.

A friend who’s a master in architect started his own firm this year. Immediately, he attracted many contracts when the news got out.

People want to work with people who are skillful. Masters want to collaborate with other masters. You attract other masters to want to work with you by becoming a master yourself. Mastery can be gained by constantly improving and upgrading yourself.


5. Take Action

Cultivate a habit of taking massive action on your ideas. Brand yourself to be someone who makes things happen. Always deliver what you say. When you are constantly taking action, the right opportunities will come.

Here I introduce the principle of Precession. This is a principle founded by Buckminster Fuller. It simple means ripples are created when an object is in motion. With this principle, taking massive action creates ripples around you, in return you attract the right opportunities.


6. Showing Up

Hiding yourself in a closet is not going to help even if you are the best person in the world to do the job. Go out to networking events, attend seminars, interact with others, get yourself on the web etc.

When no one knows that you are good, it’s pointless. Get others to see you and know you. Be visible in events, create mindshare in others. Out of sight, out of mind. When others don’t see you, they won’t think of you.

By showing up, you create opportunities for others to bring the right opportunities to you.


7. Money As The Least Priority

Turn away from money-making opportunities. Of course, for any opportunity to work, it has to generate profit. There’s no point doing it if it doesn’t. But making money shouldn’t be the first priority, it should be the last.

Putting money-making as the top list can create many opportunities but the wrong opportunities. Do a search on the web, there are many money-making opportunities, promising making a 4 or 5 figures sum with only couple of hours effort a week. 99% of them are the “wrong” opportunities.

You wouldn’t want to be involve in those, would you? I’m assuming what you want are those “right” opportunities. So get money out of the way. When you choose opportunities based on money as your top list, chances are you are going round in circle. The result – you never get what you want, and you are still as lost as before.

With all the years of experience, these 7 ways are keeping me on track in my journey, attracting the right opportunities to me at the right time. Use these as a reference, and you can attract the right opportunities too.

9 thoughts on “7 Ways To Attract The Right Opportunities

    1. Aubrey

      Most importantly, once you’ve fleolwod Karen’s advice- harness that voice to insure it shines through in whatever you do- blog, consult, coach, or just plain live!

  1. Jaime

    Great article. I especially identify with consistency. It’s huge. The best thing a person can look at prior to doing any business or building relationships is the consistency in which their message has been delivered…for how long, and whether or not their message is consistently on topic and not spread out too thin. Thanks!

  2. Erika

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