I Spoke On Radio FM93.8

9 March 2012 marked a new milestone in my life experiences. I was on a radio talk show FM93.8, Slice of Life with Eugene Loh. It was an interesting experience to go on LIVE on a national radio. I didn’t know what to expect, what to prepare, that made me somehow nervous. But it all turned out well.

In the talk show, we discussed about thinking and doing things differently in our society. You do not have to think and do things in the conventional way. You can be successful in an unorthodox manner. In fact, many successful people became successful because they didn’t follow the conventional thoughts.

Most are stuck in the conventional thoughts thinking and doing things in a certain way. A way where the society expected. A way where most waited for everything to be perfect and ready before pursuing their dreams.

The difference with successful people is they didn’t wait for the environment to be perfect. They did it with whatever they had, working around the imperfection. So they become the ones who change the world. They accumulated wealth beyond your imagination.

You can move the world too. You can leave a legacy as well. Do something for you. Have your life been a repeated pattern going through the same cycle? Is this the time to break this vicious cycle?


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