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After I left my last job in 2009 and became a self-employed, I was struggling with my business and my life very drastically. At work, I was having difficulties in many ways with my business partner and my clients. Back home, I felt very worried and ashamed when I’m unable to provide the basic need to my wife and my baby. Even after attending many transformational courses, I found myself quickly back to square one as soon as I faced my reality. Despite having all the success formulas, I couldn’t find myself back on track too.

I took up coaching with you in Nov 2011 and things changed almost instantly. You opened up options for me to see and let me chose who and what I can become. I was really receiving the essence of life. I closed 5 deals in Dec 2011, and my income for that month was almost $15000. My relation with people has so much improvement. My partner and I are happily working towards our target together and we have our employees working greatly with us. Our clients were truly satisfied with our service too. My wife and my girl were closer with me now and I can felt their support in wanting me to become success in life.

Till now, I felt myself shifted a lot from who I used to be, with you continued to coach me. Thank You, Joe, for being my life coach.









Jayson Yap (Real Estate Consultant)
March 2012


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