8 Heroes In Lord Of The Ring

In almost any movies, there will be a hero to save the world, exterminate the villain, or to fall in love with. In some movies, there are more than one heroes. One such movie is The Avenger, which is screening soon worldwide. And the other such movie with more than one hero is Lord of The Rings.

This is one of the movie on my MUST watch list. I watched it three times. In fact, I discovered something new about the characters each time I watched it. All the heroes in the movie are like us. Each hero exude different personalities, and each hero fit into his role perfectly like individuals in a well-oiled organization.

The heroes of Lord of The Rings

  • Aragorn
  • Gandalf
  • Merry & Pippin
  • Boromir
  • Gimli
  • Frodo
  • Legolas
  • Sam

I like to describe them, and mentioned the role they play in an organization. I thought it will be pretty interesting to study the heroes in depth.


The charismatic leader with skill. His willingness to get his feet dirty gain respect from every team member. A leader who is willing to stand by his troop to fight with them. He will be the first to charge in any battle.

If he’s in our world today, he will likely be the Business Development Manager of an organization. His courage to charge into uncharted territories, leading the pack makes him valuable to the organization. His willingness to get into the market, to understand the ground, the competitors, culture allows him to acquire first hand information of the business. Therefore making him effective in leadership, and commanding respect for the team.

Another possible role will be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur requires courage, determination, resourcefulness which is demonstrated by Aragorn in the movie. An entrepreneur also requires to take on many tasks in business, and that is who Aragorn is.

Whichever role he takes on, Aragorn is a natural and charismatic leader who will gain respect and trust. He gains your trust and respect by being on your side. His leadership style is to lead by example. If he is going to delegate a task to you, he will have done it before. That’s Aragorn for you.


He is actually the leader of the group. His experience and knowledge of middle earth, the ring and Sauron provides a direction to the group. He doesn’t lead the fight from the front, but his wisdom is enough to provide victory for the team.

He is the CEO of today’s world. You don’t see CEO fight from the front, do you? He lead from the back by giving directions and strategy. And he may not even be the best person to take on the daily operations of the business. He generates strategy and leaves the fighting to others.

He seems disconnected from others because just like a CEO, he is high up above, disconnected from the ground below. However when there is an important event going on, you will see his appearance, or even sacrifices himself. The fight with Balrog where he sacrifices himself for the fellowship.

You will like to have Gandalf to be in your team if you are to grow your company. His guidance and directions will be a great contribution in any organization.


Merry & Pippin

These are your unsung heroes. They seems so insignificant, but without them the fellowship wouldn’t have defeated Sarauman. They are instrumental in influencing the Ents to join the battle.

In our world, they are people behind the scene to supporting the frontline. They are the logistics, administration, human resources etc. Without them, the organization can’t function properly, yet you don’t see their name appearing for publicity. They are like lubricant to the engines and gears, getting the engines to run in high efficiency rate.


A strong fighter but weak in willed. Though wanted to contribute to the fellowship but has his own agenda. His suggestion of using the ring on its owner, Sauron is a terrible idea. He actually wanted to have the ring for himself, to strengthen his authority and power.

His weak-willed forces Frodo to continue the journey on his own. He’s the cause of the break up of the fellowship. But he’s forgiven because he died while trying to save Merry and Pippin.

In any organization, there will be someone like Boromir. His ideas always come with an hidden agenda. And he can contribute to the organization, but got to watch out on his intention.


The strong and no nonsense dwarf. He wields a axe, extremely dependable and loyal. He only has one goal in mind, that is to support the fellowship to destroy the ring. He’s never a leader by nature but highly dependable in completing his job. Also, very competitive with a huge ego. Don’t ever underestimate him or else he’ll surprise you with his axe.

You will want to have Gimli on your team. Reliable, dependable and loyal; which manager doesn’t want to have someone with these traits on their team.

He is a reliable supporter in an organization. He will be one who executes the strategy that was pass down from the CEO. He will get it done by hook or by crook. People like him cherishes stability in organization. He doesn’t like to work in organization that is too volatile and too much changes. You will tend to find more “”Gimli” alike in bigger multi-national companies than small-medium size companies.


Dashing, agile, sharp, speedy. What else do I have to say about Legolas? The sharp shooter who hasn’t missed any targets at all. A great friend who constantly ask more of Gimli. He’s always first to move into battle due to his marvelous eye sight and never-miss archery skill. He’s the first to spot the enemy, and the only one who can hit the enemy at a distance.

Though dashing, he’s merciless. He ensures that every arrow hits the weak spot of the enemy. Invincible in long distance fight, ruthless in close combat. I will want Legolas to be part of my team. I wouldn’t want to go against this guy.

Legolas is your opportunist in an organization. Far sighted, spotting opportunities from afar, then go in for the kill. He is your salesperson, ruthless yet you can’t help but being enrolled by him.


A super supporter and friend of Frodo. Frodo won’t achieve anything without Sam. Frodo wouldn’t have done it without the support of Sam. While Frodo is being affected by the ring and Gollum’s presence comes with a motive, Sam is the only one who is clear headed. He knew what it takes to complete the journey. He never fully trusted Gollum which is right. In the end, he saves Frodo from death.

Sam will be like your trusted and loyal friend beside you. He’s the Personal Assistant of the Year in any organization. He’ll take care of his boss, ensuring the boss is in the best state to lead the organization.

He will take care of all the details in the organization, just like how he takes care of food ration during the journey. He will watch the back of the one he serves, making sure that his boss comes to no harm. You can confide him in anything, even your darkest secret. Sam is this kind of friend, a friend you will definitely like to have.


Without Frodo, there won’t be victory for the good forces. The Man, Elves, Dwarfs, Wizards can fight all they want, but without Frodo destroying the ring, they will never never have defeated Sauron.

Frodo seems weak yet powerful, looks unappealing yet charismatic.

He is weak in terms of fighting off enemy, yet internally he is strong in will-power. It takes a super being with strong mental power to reach Sauron’s home ground. Not everyone can do that, at least not Boromir.

He seems so unappealing, yet he’s the one who brings the fellowship together. The team was formed because they are committed to support his cause.

Frodo is your customer relationship officer. He’s perceive as not strong-handed with people, so customers feel safe and comfortable with him. He will gain trust by showing his vulnerability, unlike Aragorn who gain trust by leading with his strength.

If you are a Aragorn, you will like to have a Frodo in your team. This will form a balance partnership in the team with strength and empathize. It will also balance up results and connection with people. Because most results oriented people lose connection with others. Having Frodo in a team, soften that results-oriented side of a team.

We have gone through most of the heroes in the movie. This is only my perception and interpretation, it’s not the truth. Please fell free to add your views to it so we can learn from one another.

Have fun being a hero in your life.

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