At Peace And Have Fun

What a ride of my life! The past 11 months was the most interesting times of my life. I went from down to more down, up but not quite up, and finally pulled myself up above the sea level.  But I couldn’t have done it without the help of many friends.

The last 11 months has been quite an experience for me. In retrospect now, I’ve learned and grown from those “nasty” experiences. I’ve become stronger, more confident, more powerful, more compassionate, more patience, more authentic and open.

I learned to laugh at myself, make fun of myself in front of people. The biggest take away over the last 11 months is to have more compassion towards myself and accepting my mistakes and failures as a part of my life. Life becomes beautiful when I view mistakes and failures in a different way.

I no longer is ashamed of my failures and mistakes. With that out of the way, success actually followed along. 2 weeks ago I openly mentioned that I was rejected 5 times. I wouldn’t have done it in the past. After those 5 rejections, I successfully enrolled 3.

What has changed for me? What are the reasons that I am able to laugh at myself now?

Compassion to myself. Though I may not generate the desired outcome, I did invest effort and time. I acknowledge myself for the effort. I make correction without invalidating myself. Eventually I will generate the desired outcome with all the correction and constant action to move forward.

Also I learned to ask, “what if there are no right, wrong or good, bad?” They are only standards set by us. Success and failures is only a measurement created by us to categorize us. Like ancient time, categorizing nobles and peasants.

With this view and perspective, I am able to manage the fear and emotion much better.

Some friends asked, “if no standards or measurement means no growth because I’ll accept anything.”

That’s not true. No measurement doesn’t means I’m not striving to achieve excellence. On the contrary, I achieve much better results now. Having a ruler then wasn’t driving me any faster. The difference is I am having so much fun now.

Right now, I am enjoying my life. Empowering others, and yet being at peace with ME. At the same time having lots of fun!





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