The Avengers’ Lessons

Avengers must be the hottest movie in town in the year of 2012. The marketing of this movie started since 2010 with individual Avengers like Ironman, Captain America and Thor screening on cinema. A short clip was always shown at the end of each movie showing Nick Fury recruiting the heroes.

And so we have a few egoistic maniacs coming as a team to save the world. What lessons can we learn from them? What life mistakes can we avoid?

Identifying The Potential Gaps

Without gaps, then human being do not evolve. Looking at our lifestyle now, it comes from the gaps we used to have. We wouldn’t have mobile phones if someone didn’t identify a gap in our communication. We wouldn’t be able to afford a car if Henry Ford didn’t identify the gap of high manufacturing cost.


Nick Fury identifies a potential gap. The inability to retaliate when earth is under invasion by a higher species. This gap causes him to launch the Avengers’ initiative.

What are the potential gaps that you are facing right now? Close the gaps before it’s too late. Nick Fury identify the gap long ago. He didn’t wait till last minute to assemble the team.


Dump The Dangerous Word – EGO

A bunch of super heroes get together, what do you get? A bunch of egomaniac powerful creatures who didn’t get along. The scene when Ironman fighting Cap, or Thor fighting Hulk. One of my favourite scene, watching the superheroes fighting among themselves, and wondering who is more powerful.

If I was wondering who is the most powerful, those superheroes will likely have that thought too, especially the super egoistic ones.

It will always be a huge challenge for a high ego individual to perform at synergy in a team. The key is to be aware of own’s ego, and be open to feedback.


Putting Team Above Self

Team gets into synergy when they look beyond themselves. The Avengers finally got into the act when everyone look beyond themselves, when everyone is looking out for each other.

The team can’t achieve synergy as long as one person is more concern about himself than the rest.

I had the experience of playing in different teams before. I can feel synergy when every team members decided to look beyond their own pain and need, and focus on team performance. That’s the time when I felt true synergy. It happened all the time for me.

In the movie, the egoistic Ironman decides to sacrifice himself when he directs the nuke to outer space. A perfect demonstration of looking beyond self.


Fight For A Cause

In The Orange Revolution by Chester Elton, his research shows that every synergize team works towards a cause. And the cause has to be bigger than the team.

Avengers won the battle because the crisis became a cause. To save the earth from invasion. How noble this cause is! No team achieve something great without a cause. NASA of 1969 achieved the impossible of sending man to the moon and back. They did it because of a great cause – to change human history.

When your team is moving slowly, not performing at its best, most likely reason will be members losing focus on the cause. Or worse, don’t even know the cause.

Set up a meeting or retreat to realign the cause with everyone. When I realign our cause with my team, the whole team got into action immediately. As a team, realigning your cause regularly is definitely a key to a championship team.

The bigger your team, the more detail your alignment of the cause should be. With the size of your team, the permutation also increases exponentially. With a team of a huge size, a precise and detailed cause is necessary.


You Can’t Do This Alone

Anything that is big enough cannot be achieve with one man’s strength. Even as small as becoming a millionaire requires a team. There isn’t a thing called self made millionaire. Millionaires achieve their wealth by working in a team.

Knowing that you can’t do it alone, allows you to be open and receptive to grow your team.

The Avengers eventually understood that they can’t win that battle by one single hero. Even Ironman understood it. In one of the scene he said, “I’m bring the party to you.” He knew that the alien is too huge for him to handle. He needs Hulk.

Watching the Avengers gave me some lessons in team. And being aware of my ego, and who am I when I’m in a team. That will support me to be a better team player.

On a side note, after the movie, I’m beginning to like Hulk. He is THE superhero for now!

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