Disappointments, Upsets, Hurts, Devastated

Mix feelings of sad, anger, disappointed, , upsets, hurt, devastated and pain was what I felt for the past 2 weeks. Painful but business has to go on. In the last 2 weeks, I had the thought of giving up everything, hand the business to someone else, forget about the world and go to a mountain for seclusion.

Forget about the partnership crap, brotherhood drama or business empire story. I wanted to avoid the world and become a production line worker and not think of all these craps.

It feels like my life is just not working out. Feeling betrayed and abandoned. I lost the trust on people. Time and again I was being hurt by the same person again and again over the cause of one year.

The business partnership got perturbed. Business isn’t going the way we want it, so does the partnership. I wanted to call it a day, I wanted to quit from the coaching program. Seriously, I’m tired from all these.

I didn’t confide to anyone about what happened, I didn’t ask for support from anyone because there is no one to trust at that moment. Imagine even the closest friends can hurt me, who else can I trust? And also because I didn’t want to get into victim mode. I wanted to look at being responsible, what triggers me?

I stopped all activities related to business except continuing coaching sessions with my clients. They become my support at this time, interestingly. My clients become the force that remind me why I’m in this business.

The trust that I have with people now is as thin as a piece of tissue paper. I imagine that I trust others easily in the past, never to question their intention. But with all these hurts, I’m wary of others now. I recognized that there are some who will use my kindness and compassion to their advantage.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the other stronger and logical side of me was screaming to me over the weekend. I couldn’t allow this emotional drama to go on anymore.I had to complete, closed this chapter and moved on ahead with or without partners and friends.

I indulged myself with 2 more days of inactivity. Doing activities that weren’t productive, like engaged with playstation 3, watched anime and sleeping. Also that 2 days was the last of this emotional turmoil. No more I will be trapped and immobilized by it. I am moving forward with my business empire regardless of any outcome. This is the decision that I made. I did coaching exercises to complete with the events. I am back again.

Yesterday, Monday; a new day on a new week. Fruitful meeting with the team, filtering off the low-potential prospects and ending the day with a joyous coaching class.

Today, with this post, I present to you a new ME. Stronger and wiser. I always knew that I’m a fighter who time and again raise from the ash to challenge another fight. So here I am, continue to add values to others, continue to support my clients in achieving their dream life.

If you are in a trauma, what outrageous decision are you going to make to turn your life around? Contact me at joelee.at.coachingwithjoe.com for any support you need.


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7 thoughts on “Disappointments, Upsets, Hurts, Devastated

  1. James Woodworth

    I started following your post only recently and I came to embrace the REALNESS in your post. Although it doesn’t necessary translate to a deeper growth in one self, but I can appreciate the openness that results in REAL situations.
    This post of yours brought back alot of memories… on how a NO HOLDS BARRED ‘I just want to help you’ attitude, genuine as it might be… is actually an invitation for others to take advantage of (you).
    I just want to share that:
    And I can offer you this: What doesn’t break you… only serves to make you stronger!
    Since I do not have clarity on your situation, I can only empathize and give emotional rally.

    Cheers mate!
    PS – I wanted to give up everything and be a taxi driver back then… imagine that!

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hey James,
      We have something in common. I thought of taxi driver, but I’m really bad with direction.
      I recovered very well. Now there are many back log to manage as I was taken out for 2 weeks.
      Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Viozlin

    I agree with you. Sometimes we trust so much and try to do better for others and yet not only go unappreciated but also betrayed. But after a while, we have to let go and move on, and keep moving… i too had thought of letting go of what i have been trying so hard to achieve the past few years. We try so hard to improve on being better, and there comes one person who seems to be your friend but at the same time, stepping on your confidence. How easy is life? We just have to continue the journey, owr own journey, our life.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      After this morning with my coach, I discovered I still had some completion to do, but it’s not affecting me much now.
      So I am continuing this journey to greater heights.

  3. Jim Clary

    Sometimes we just need a little downtime. I am glad you are re-focused any ready to go. We all get frustrated from time to time, we just need to have faith that things will work out and move forward.

    1. Khaled

      As part of a couple that just ceetbraeld 40 years together I can vouch for Miss T’s thoughts. Also keep in mind:Be respectful of each other’s family members.Be and act like partners.Know that some things about your partner will irritate you: if they are only occasional and are unimportant just ignore them and focus on the positive.Each partner will sometimes get 100% of things their way but only some of the time meaning that sometimes you just give 100% and sometimes you get back 100%.Be in it for the forever’.Marie at FamilyMoneyValues recently posted..


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