Success Is Built From Consistency and Persistency


Jack Ma on Success

I chance upon a video showing Jack Ma, founder of on youtube 3 days ago.His sharing about his success journey as an entrepreneur inspires me to continue in my own journey. His authentic story provides me the fuel to continue my faith, and believe my dream.

Most successful entrepreneurs usually share their success stories. Jack Ma shares his struggles and failures. Most self development books talks about the successes. Jack Ma wants to write a book about failures.

Even though 17 out of 18 of his inner core friends and family members voted against his proposal of starting, he went ahead with his dream.

Along the way, he met with tremendous amount of challenges, yet he kept going.

Reflecting his experience with my own. Time and again I’ve come across many business and financial challenges in my own journey. In those challenging times, I thought of many solutions, like quitting, going back to employment or doing something unethical. And I’m proud that I never did all those. I’m still on the path.

Many years of being on the path helps to build a brand. All along I’m involve team building training, motivational training until last year, I add coaching into my resume. Unlike many who have a wide range of experience like F&B, events, MLM, education centers etc, I only have training and coaching to show for in my resume and I like to remain that way.

Consistency is also about building on what you have even though it’s boring. Example like building backlinks to your blog can be boring, but it is important.

Building a Fan Page on Facebook can be exciting. It’s fun and dramatic seeing your Fan Page taking its shape. However, starting the page is only the beginning. The success of the page depends on ability to add value by updating posts consistently, which becomes boring after a while. Do visit my fan page, It is updated regularly.

A quote from Jack Ma, I’m translating it to English.

“Today is tough. Tomorrow is tougher. The day after tomorrow is rewarding. Most people die tomorrow night.”

This is so true. When the going gets tough, 90% of the people will drop out. The Universe will test you over and over again just to be sure that this is what you want. Only the 10% who persist will get what they want.

Some reach the foot of the mountain, decide to turn back. Some are halfway up, decide to go back down. Only those who persist can reach the peak to enjoy the majestic scenery.

So are you consistent enough to do the boring yet important things? Are you persistent enough to last till the day after tomorrow?

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