Laugh At Life

Laughing is the best medicine in life. Do you laugh at life? Have you seen people who don’t laugh? I have! In some trainings that I did, sometimes there were one or two people who would never laugh at my joke. Some people just take life too serious.

What is causing you to tense up? What get you to frown all the time? What have you to be serious on very little thing in life?

It could be the constant stress of life you face daily that creates pent up emotions. It could be an outcome that wasn’t quite expected. It could be hurt or pain that wasn’t completed. It’ll make it worse when you have no avenues to vent.

Life will throw all sort of events your way. They are neither good or bad nor right or wrong, just how we see it from our filter. But whatever the case is, take a deep breathe, laugh at those events.

I learned from one of my mentors when I was following and learning from him in year 2008. I followed him around the States of Malaysia conducting trainings for corporates. The challenge is that some training venues that the clients chose are not really fantastic, so some of the training aids that my mentor required were not available. He didn’t blame or complain, all he did was laughed and improvised.

He is always happy and smiley because he laughs at all events regardless they are good or bad. When I was following him, I too was infected by his laughter.

Though he laughs a lot, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take things seriously. Because he is one of the two certified Asia Pacific Trainers by a certain Professional Sales Institute.

Laugh at life, and most likely you will see life laughing back at you, throwing you the good things.

Here are 2 videos to exercise your laugh muscles.

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