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Managing Team Workshop For Managers

Managing Team

Managing Team & People

Managing team and people are fundamentals to any organization. Unless you are a one-man team who just like to play a small game, otherwise learning about managing people to create a world class team is necessary.

I have the honour to conduct a workshop about managing people and team for China Taiping (Insurance) Singapore on 28 July 2012.

When it comes to people or team, we wouldn’t divert too much away from clear communication within the team.

In the workshop, the participants experienced trinity of communication. When you are communicating, you don’t just communicate the message, objective or intention. You are actually sending the intention, emotion and judgement.

Only when the trinity of communication is align, the receiver will get your message pin-point. Otherwise, the receiver may receives the message distorted.

This is the short clip that was recorded during the workshop. The 2nd video is created from the photos taken. Enjoy!



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