A New Workshop – Procrastination Buster Workshop

A very exciting week ahead. After the long weekend, there are much to be done this week. The final stage of an innovation training project for a school client. Hosting a friend from Malaysia. A new marketing campaign. And a new workshop this coming Saturday.

Extremely excited and nervous about the new workshop. There will be new content and a new way of conducting the workshop. Excited because this is the first of its kind, there are no other procrastination courses out there yet. Excited because I’m going to meet new participants.

Why a workshop about procrastination?

Many of my clients brought up the issue of procrastination in our coaching sessions. Many readers visited this blog because of the keyword procrastination. Therefore I thought this could be one major issue that many people are facing. So I asked an important question.

How can I help others to overcome procrastination at a much affordable rate?

A familiar way to be me is to create a workshop. With more people in a class, there’s better leverage of time compare to one-to-one coaching, and the cost reduce tremendously. A 3-hour workshop for only $25, to have you taking action for tasks that you have been sitting on; definitely value for money.

Over the last few days, I have been creating new content, exercises, activities and practices for Procrastination Buster Workshop.You will gain lots of values. You will view procrastination in a new perspective. You will find out what causes your procrastination. You will overcome procrastination and start taking action.

I will love to see you in the workshop.

Click here Procrastination Buster Workshop here to find out the date of the next workshop.

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