The Lion And The Cockroach

Lion, a symbol of courage, leadership and focus. In movies like Lion King or Chronicles of Narnia, lion is always portray as the leader with courage and laser focus on their objective. On the other hand, lion in Wizard of Oz is without courage. But courage is alway there in him.

Cockroach, a pest. Usually related to disgust and dirty. Beside that, cockroach is also very persistent and hardy. Their ancestors were from 354 million years ago. While dinosaurs didn’t survived the catastrophe, cockroach did. It was said that the cockroach probably can survive a nuclear blast.

Why am I posting about lion and the disgusting cockroach? (I’m scared of cockroach)

Over the weekend, I happened to watch a singing competition from China called Voice of China. From some online comments, China probably copied this program from another country. That’s beside the point.

What really impress me is this program emphasize 100% on voice as compared to other singing competition, which will look at appearance. The judges of Voice of China are actually not facing the participants. They couldn’t see the participants, so they judge purely on the voice.

But this post is not about the singing competition, but the participants. They came from all woks of life, but most have one thing in common. To fulfill their dream of singing on stage.

Some lost confidence because of past failures. Some work in the music industry waiting for that one opportunity for 8 years. Some sing for the father or children. And one is disabled.

Many actually failed many times prior to this singing competition. But their spirit inspire me. They never relent, never give up. And finally, there is one opportunity for them to shine. They take on the courage and focus on the lion, the persistency and hardiness of the cockroach to fulfill their one and only dream.

What saddens me is around me there are many friends who gave up because they failed once. They gave up because it is easier not to persist.

Here are the videos of some whom I’m impressed with. Not just their singing, but their story.

Take note that they are in mandarin.



Their performances come with a story. That’s why it touches others. Fulfilling their dreams comes with challenges, obstacles and pain. Yet they persist.

How about you? Are you ready to take on the courage of a lion and persistency of a cockroach.



2 thoughts on “The Lion And The Cockroach

  1. Subrina Ng

    Fantastic voices & performances! They were singing with the heart and soul. Awesome! I was moved & inspired by their stories, their powerful voices , the power within them, the presistence to live their dream. Also these videos have proven that not to judge one by the look. It is what within one that counts!

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Their persistence touched me too, Subrina! Regardless of the results at the end, the belief that they possess inspire anyone in the world.


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