Exercise Daily Is Not Enough

exercise daily

Exercise daily

Exercising daily in the morning gets my energy up, and I believe it can slow down aging. Standing on stage to deliver value through talks and training requires lots of energy. Therefore, I exercise daily to maintain the energy.

So I visit the gym 3 times, swim once, jog once a week. I thought I was fit,but I was so wrong.

Had a basketball game 2 days ago. Oh gosh, I was exhausted after 10 minutes, panting as if I did a 5km sprint. Strangely in this game, I gained some distinctions about success and life.

Then I recalled those days when I went to the gym with a buddy. We pushed each other to do 1 more rep. Or we asked each other to carry 5 kg more. Those were the days when I can really felt fatigue in the muscles. I felt safe to carry more weights, or to do more rep because a trusted buddy was there supporting. And that stretched my limit.

Nowadays I went gym alone. Without a trusted buddy to push or support, I don’t feel safe to take on more weights. So, my progress in terms of fitness and muscles are also limited.

Whether it was the basketball game or gym, when another trusted and like-minded person came into the game, the intensity went up by at least 3 times. Though I’ve been doing cardio exercise, but when a friend came into that basketball game, the intensity shot up.

Whether in business or life, do you have someone who is playing the game with you? Do you have someone who is supporting you? Having a trusted friend get you to move faster, become more creative and motivated, and vice versa.

This is why top achievers hire personal trainer, life coach, business coach. The trainers and coaches keeps the achievers on their toe, stretch them to their limit. Why do you think top athletics competing at the highest level have a coach? Why do you think top businessmen are sparring with another businessmen constantly? Why do you think a decent amount of competition is actually good for you?

Right now in your life, are you playing on your own? Are you moving too slow? Who can be the one to stretch your limit to shoot the intensity level?


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