Public Speaking Workshop

public speaking workshop

Full house in the 1st workshop

This marks a new milestone in my business and career. On 1st Oct, we conducted our first-ever Public Speaking Workshop for the public. We received an overwhelming response that we had a full house for the first and second workshop. Not only that, registration for the third and fourth workshop which will be held on the following week is already closed 2 weeks ago.

We are also blessed with opening 2 corporate accounts from this launch of workshop.

In the workshop, we shared techniques that you will never find it in any books or other free online resources. Douglas Ng, the other trainer of this workshop and me shared our years of real life experiences with the participants. Topics like gestures, eye contact, body language and tonality can be learned from a book or free online resources. And of course, we are sharing topics that are different from Toastmasters. Otherwise you might as well join the Toastmaster.

Public speaking workshop Douglas Ng

Co-Trainer, Douglas Ng In Action

We shared more than just speaking. We shared about enrolling, engaging, moving the audience from where they are to where you like them to be. Read what two of our participants said about the program.

With a deeper intention of the workshop, we not only just want to impart speaking skills and techniques, we are transforming lives. We are building confidence and self esteem, helping them to overcome the barrier of speaking. We are supporting them to have a new breakthrough an themselves.

This is consider a new milestone for me. If you like to join us in this fun and interactive workshop, contact us right away.

Public Speaking Workshop

Interactive Discussion



Public Speaking Workshop

Communicating Intention












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