Achieving Your Goals

Why Are You Not Achieving Your Goal

Achieving Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals

One of the most frustrating things is to have a goal and not achieving your goal. To add to that misery is to have that goal year after year, but you don’t seem to move one inch nearer towards your goal.

It is one thing to not achieving anything because you don’t have a goal, it is another to have a goal yet not achieving it. It is extremely devastating to your spirit to have a goal but not getting it.

While there are many reasons of not moving forward, I don’t wish to discuss the various reasons here. For those who like to discuss or find out about their own “why”, we can have a separate conversation. In this post, I only like to discuss one thing.

Are you having a detail action plan to move you towards your goal?

I had a huge discovery recently. Many people, and I really mean many. About 90% of those that I spoken to didn’t have a detail plan of their goals. Their question was, “I have a goal but I can’t achieve it. I never really moved an inch forward. How can I achieve it?”

I asked them.

“What are your daily, weekly, monthly action plan?”
“No, I don’t have that kind of plan.”

That explains why.

How do you achieve your goals when you don’t have a detailed action plan? That means to say you won’t know what actions to take to achieve your goals.

Let’s start building your plan now!

1st have milestones as your guide. Your milestones can be weekly, monthly or quarterly, whichever works for you. In my experience, weekly works best. Monthly is fine too. Quarterly is kind of far fetch.

Once you set up your milestones, generate your action plans. What do you have to do to get to your milestones? Depending on the time frame you set for your milestones, your action plans can be daily, weekly or monthly. Seriously, monthly can be a stretch. So daily or weekly works pretty well.

Below is a screenshot of a small part of my plan. You can use it as reference.

Action Plan

Milestones & Action Plan

This is one of the tools that I share with all my clients. After the clients generate their plans, then we’ll work together weekly to accomplish those task. The benefit is you will never miss out anything.

Unfortunately, I also know that now many are able to apply this project tool even though they saw the sample in this post. So I created a manual sharing with you on how to apply this project tool to its fullest. Just by applying this tool, you can achieve anything you want in life.



4 thoughts on “Why Are You Not Achieving Your Goal

  1. Sean

    Great tip! I used to know that feeling.

    What I found useful was to have the goals up on my wall/noticeboard … and on top of that, I have daily to-do lists and make sure I check them off one at a time, so that I know I’m getting things done and moving towards my goal.

    Thanks for sharing, Joe!

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