Overly Cautious

Being Overly Cautious Is Good?

Overly Cautious

Overly Cautious, the right thing?

Do you tend to over analyze on your next action?
Do you think thoroughly on what you are going to say next?
Do you think so much that it takes a long time to answer a question?
Do you analyze so much that you did more explanation than to answer the question directly?

If you are having an overly cautious behaviour, do take note of it. This is a fear-based behaviour. Either you are afraid to lose something or you want to protect yourself from being hurt.

Being overly cautious seems to be the right thing to do. I like to mention here that in coaching context, there isn’t right or wrong. Because you may ask what’s wrong with protecting yourself? Question is how has protecting yourself been working for you? What are you missing by being overly cautious?

Encountered couple of nice people who has the tendency to be overly cautious in what they say and how they say it. It took them hours of crafting a careful conversation before they start speaking. But that conversation may only last two minutes.

Funny thing is not that they used hours to prepare a two minutes conversation. Funny thing is that the two minutes conversation went on for hours because they have to say what they crafted.

Definitely there are benefits about being overly cautious. Some of the benefits are:

  • You won’t be cheated by others.
  • You won’t over commit.
  • You don’t set yourself up.
  • You are well prepared.
  • You won’t be caught with your pants down.


And then there are the disdvantages of being overly cautious.

  • Miss out on opportunities.
  • Not living life to the max.
  • Wasting time by being extremely tactful.
  • Not expanding mindset.
  • Not growing as fast.


I don’t intend to put a scale of right or wrong, or which is better than which. My intention is to have you be aware of where you are coming from. Do you come from an automatic way or from choice?

Is being overly cautious an automatic behaviour for you? There is nothing wrong, but just watch it. Have you miss out on other things by being overly cautious?

I invite you to look at having a balance between the two. Knowing that you come from choice and not from automatic.


5 thoughts on “Being Overly Cautious Is Good?

  1. Mattias

    Yes Joe!
    There are both benefits and drawbacks with being overly cautious and I assume the truth is somewhere in between.But as we know most people are gliding from one ditch to the other and learning the crucial truths on the way between.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Mattias, there is nothing wrong with being overly cautious or taking risk. It has to come from huge awareness of being at choice or automatic.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Rachel, it’s about having the awareness to choose between overly cautious or taking some risk. Some people are overly cautious and they come from automatic. They have no idea that’s how they behave in every situation. This doesn’t come from an empowering space.

  2. Sunil Kololgi

    I am naturally over cautious and this has lead to great success and missing traps.The problem is my family thinks i am not enjoying life enough.

    I concede that they are right but pointed out its my life and i get to choose on the risk reward spectrum.


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