Has Achieving Your Goal Become Too Boring For You?

Has Achieving Your Goal Become Too Boring For You?

Has Achieving Your Goal Become Too Boring For You?

Boring? Find some fun!

You have a goal. You have a great plan. You have a strong structure. Still you are not moving forward towards your goal. What is wrong?

Externally, you acquired tools to support you. You are also being supported by resources that are easily available due to globalization. And how come you are still not moving ahead? Don’t you want to examine that gap?

Have you ever seriously examine the gap? Have you honestly look within for answers?


I’m assuming here that the goal is really what you desire.

With a desire, plan and structure, how come you are not moving? Let’s examine one key reason.


Execution Is Too Boring

Goals are nice to have but fulfilling them seems too boring, routine or tedious. Envisioning that your dreams come true is such a nice feeling. Taking action to have those dreams come true can be quite a hassle or lack of excitement. Can you relate to this?

If you can’t, this post is not for you. Stop here, read my previous post.

If you can relate to that, this post is definitely for you.

So if you set your goal, create your plan but are stuck in the doing-ness because of boredom and tedious, how do you achieve your goal? How do you move forward from here?


Shift Your Belief

Your belief will eventually drives your action. Your belief will get you make a decision that is different from mine.

Some of you may have know that I’m a drop from Polytechnic. My highest education is ‘O’ Level.

Two days ago, one lady asked me how can I run workshops and courses without formal education and certification, as Singapore is a place where certification is important.

I never had that belief of certification is critical to success. Therefore I became a trainer without attending any certification. I became a facilitator without formal training. I started coaching before attending any coaching program. After I did all these then I went to attend formal courses in training, facilitation and coaching.

Delivery of results are more important than certification. Results speak for itself. Clients referred their friends, clients repeatedly asked me back to train.

This is possible because I didn’t had that belief to start with.

Shift what you belief about those action steps and tasks. Believing that they are boring or tedious make them boring and tedious. These tasks can be exciting, adventurous and fun depending on what you do with them.


Make It Fun

What can you do to inject fun and excitement into your tasks? Who told you to achieve your dreams it has to be serious and boring? Why can’t mundane tasks be adventurous and exciting? When you shift your belief about this, your mind opens up to search for answers.

What are the things that you enjoy doing?
What are the things that get your excited?
What are the things that get you in the mood of doing-ness?

Can you married them to the tasks?

My ideas juice flow the in abundance when I take the public transport. So at times I will purposely take a bus or train to write and brainstorm.

I love playing games on my Playstation 3 console. So I married it with my tasks by playing as a celebration.

You really got to shift your belief and open up your mind. Get creative with making your tasks fun and exciting. Your little voice starts chattering whenever you introduce something new and out of the norm.

I encourage you to be open and test it out. In any case, if you stay in your old way, it isn’t working. Get creative, reinvent yourself and  look at the tasks in a new way. See the results for yourself.


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