I Am Happy

HappinessHappiness is what most people is pursuing. They think that by earning more money they can buy happiness. Some people look for alternative to find happiness. Some volunteer their time to help the unfortunate, hoping to find happiness by making someone’s live better. Some give money hoping to find that little happiness in another person’s smile. Though many are pursuing happiness, many remain unhappy.

Today, I am happy. I am happy not because I made some money. I am happy not because I helped the unfortunate. I am happy not because someone’s live has changed due to what I do. Based on the environment and circumstance around me., I’m not suppose to be happy today.

I injured my knee while playing football two days ago. Walking is accompanied with pain. Walking, standing and sitting moves in slow motion. When I’m standing, I have to sit down slowly. When I’m sitting, I have to stand slowly. Going to the washroom takes forever especially if I’m in an urgent mode. Hopping with one leg seems faster, isn’t it? Nope, it didn’t work. Hopping is painful too.

With the injury, I can’t co-train at in one of the workshops. And I run a risk of not being able co-train at the next two workshops.

Sleeping becomes another issue. With the pain and the inability to move my left leg too much, turning during my sleep becomes painful. The pain disrupted my sleep is not helping my spirit either.

Injury aside, this month expenses went up and income went down. Not a good news.

With all these circumstances, I should feel unhappy, upset or even angry.

Strangely, I felt extremely happy. I don’t know why, I just feel happy. Conclusion is happiness has no relation to the things that you possess or events that happen to you. Happiness comes from within, happy is just happy. You don’t have to depend on external factor to be happy.

Since being happy doesn’t depend on external factor, and being happy is a feeling, then it also applies to other emotions too. Anger is not dependable on the external. No one or events can make you angry. Only you can engage and access in those emotions. Nothing else can affect the way you feel except you.

If that’s the case, why not choose to be always happy. I’ll like to choose to be happy all the time. What about you?

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