Pursuing your dream

Having the Courage to Live Your Dream

What is a dream? A dream is a voice of your heart. Do you listen to that voice? Do you act upon hearing that voice? Do you live your dream? Or do you turn a deaf ear to that voice just like many others?

I was watching the Grand Finale of a singing competition, Voice of China. All the contestants have a dream. A dream of having the world hearing their voices, a dream of having the world recognizing their talent, a dream of not letting themselves down.

One of the judges shared his dream in the Finale.

My initial dream is to drive a big truck traveling from places to places. Upon reaching a place I love, I’ll open up the truck and start singing from the back of the truck. I just want to have fun and enjoy music. But while chasing after money and fame, I gradually bury this dream.
This competition has reignite this dream.

Pursuing your dream

Pursuing your dreams is tough. You face challenge financially. You may be ridicule by others. You may be isolated from your peers, You may face criticism and even death threats. With so much challenges, no wonder many have relented to the obstacles. Many have given up the pursue. Many have ended up following the crowd.

Following your dream requires huge courage. The courage to be different, the courage to face strange glances and the courage to stand in the heat in the mist of your friends and family.

Those contestants who participated in those competitions are extremely courageous. How many have the courage to appear on National TV to do this. Each of them face the potential of being blasted by viewers. With the help of social media, the criticism that they potentially face reaches a new height. Despite all that, they chose to follow their dreams.

How about you? Do you actively pursue what you love? Or are you playing it safe like the rest?

The thing is you only live once. You won’t want to live your life in regret, wouldn’t you? What can be more painful than to stop pursuing your dreams because someone told you not to? You definitely and absolutely has the potential to pursue and achieve your dreams. Question is, do you have the courage? The challenges ahead provide you the opportunities to become better and wiser. Do you have the courage to take them on?

When I started training in front of the room, I was told that I was a flop. I was given the impression that I wouldn’t make it in training. Nine years later, I’m still around. Now I don’t just train, I train other trainers and speakers.

Be it any dream, they are definitely worth pursuing. Have faith in yourself, because when the odds are stack against you, faith and passion will hold you together.

What Can You Do To Hold On To Faith?

Friends and Family

Whatever they say to you, I believe they are coming from the space of love. I don’t believe that any friends and family will want to harm you. Whatever they are saying, they are saying from their experience. It is true for them, but it may not be true for you.

They may ask you to give up or sell your dream, just be ordinary to earn a living. Don’t believe a word. They are saying this from their truth. Same thing here, don’t believe a word I said. I’m saying this from my truth. Most importantly, what is your truth? Do you have the courage to live your truth? Read here about selling your dream away.



They are feedback in a harsh tone. Being the talk of the town regardless good or bad means you’ve shown enough courage to be noticed. There are some who admire your courage, and then there are others who aren’t that kind. They are just saying based on what they perceive and interpret. What they say about you is not you. It is their perception of you.

Use your wisdom to differentiate constructive feedbacks and attacks. Take the constructive feedbacks seriously, ignore the personal attacks. You don’t want to allow anyone to stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Courage always resides in you. Just that along the process of growing up, you may choose to let it rest. You have the choice to wake up your courage again, and walk the path that you are meant to walk.

What dreams are you pursuing right now?

3 thoughts on “Having the Courage to Live Your Dream

  1. Sean

    Nicely said. A lot of people give up their dreams along the way … because ‘life got in the way’.

    The thing is, there’s never a right time. There’s never the perfect opportunity. It’s never too early, it’s never too late.

    I used to dream of singing, playing the piano professionally, and playing tennis well. (and I’m still passionate about it)

    Interestingly, I feel even more driven when I focus my dreams on being an inspiration to those around me so that they too can be positively influenced to pursue their own paths.

    More recently, I want to ‘be there’ … be ‘present’ for my girl when she comes into this world, and watch her grow up 🙂

    Thank you for allowing me to stop and think about this, and reaffirm myself, Joe.
    Sean recently posted..I’m reminded of how painful it wasMy Profile

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Life will always get in the way if we look for excuses. We will always overcome challenges if we look for reasons. Your lifestyle is going to change once your baby girl arrives.

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