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Stop Believing that You Are Not Good Enough

not good enough

90% of my clients believe that they are not good enough. The thing is our belief runs our life. Believing that they are not being good enough doesn’t create the inspiring life that they like to have. Do you have a similar belief? How would you possess the power to be in control when you believe that you are just not good enough?

This unsupportive belief causes many to live life below what they are capable of. Did you also live life below what you are capable of? Did you miss out some good opportunities because you are holding on to this belief?

A client who had the opportunity to shine, turned down an opportunity  as a stand-in leader in his team because he didn’t believe he can do it. He didn’t believe that he was good enough to take up the challenge. Missed opportunity!

Another client delayed sending out his resume to apply for a senior executive position because he didn’t believe that he was up to it. He didn’t believe that he was good enough to work side by side with the senior management. Missed opportunity again!

Although I consider myself an adventurer. I had my fair share of missing out opportunities because at times I believed that I wasn’t good enough.

In 2008, I met a Corporate Trainer who told me that I could only train lower executive. I believed her. That day on, I closed my doors to all senior executives and management training contracts. Missed opportunities that may amount to $200,000 worth of training contracts. Seriously, am I not good enough?


If you are to convert your lost opportunities into money, how much have you lost?


Who told you that you are not good enough?

Your mom, dad, siblings, teachers, cousins, uncles, aunties, anyone whom interacted with you can be the culprit. Oh, not forgetting the TV, newspaper, policies, media, on and on.

Very funny, you chose to believe what they say to you but not what you say to YOURSELF.

You lose confidence and self esteem the moment you believe that you are not good enough because other say so.

“You can never master the piano.”
“You can’t be as good as your cousins.”
“If you are half as smart as your sister.”
“Don’t think you can ever amount to anything.”

And the list goes on and on…

We are borne to be winners but when we start believing these unsupportive statements that other tell us, we begin to feel like loser. You probably heard these unsupportive statements when you were younger. Then, you didn’t have the wisdom to differentiate between facts and interpretations.

Right now you are wiser, you possess the wisdom to choose what you want to believe.


How to Start Believing You Are Good Enough?

When someone send you some unsupportive statements again, you can response with this.

Example 1

Other: “You can never amount to anything.”
You: “What made you say that?”
Other: (regardless of the reasons)
You: “Thank you for sharing your opinion, and that’s your interpretation, it’s not the fact.

What about unsupportive belief that’s you already believe?

Imagine there is a task that you don’t believe you can do it.

You: “How come I can’t do it?”
You: “Who told me that I’m not good enough to do it?”

If someone ever told you that you can’t do it, go back to Example 1, otherwise go to Example 2.

You: “Thank you for his/her opinion. That’s his/her interpretation, it’s not the fact.

In Example 2, no one told you that you are not good enough to do it but yourself. And so you can response to yourself.

You: “What had me believe that I’m not good enough to do this?”
You: “Is it my own interpretation?
You: “What can I tell myself to be good enough?”
You: “What else can I do to be good enough?”

After going through this simple process, you busted your unsupportive belief. With the “just not good enough” conversation gone, you are ready to take on what you need to take on.

Looking forward to you taking more action and achieve more in your life.

If you need any support on clearing the unsupportive belief, do drop me a note.

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