Who Is Taking Responsibility?

Taking Responsibility

This is not a coaching post. This is not a post about discovering the deeper you. This is a post about taking responsibility for your result. This is a post to remind myself to walk the talk, and not just paying lip services.

We are responsible for all our results and outcome. Taking Responsibility, a lesson that I shared in some of my workshops and my coaching clients. What it really means is taking ownership of the outcome and not be a victim. Looking at ways to improve the results, not blaming others or circumstances. Because the outcome is a function of what I do or do not do.

A close friend shared their way of running his seminar business. When the attendance dropped, his team will generate workable ideas to boost attendance. Canceling or postponing or cutting down the frequency is never an option.

This spirit serves as a reminder for all to learn, including me. Never change your intended outcome, only change the method to reach the outcome.

Are there times when I didn’t take responsibility? Absolutely yes. I pushed the blame to circumstances or people in my own journey. And I had to remind myself many times to re-take ownership so that the outcome will change.

Because of what I do, I have to walk the talk. I’m committed to take responsibility for any outcome. No way I’m going to lay blame on the market when I can’t enroll. No way I’m going to challenge my customers when they provide feedbacks. No way I’m going to blame the environment when business falls.

As an entrepreneur, I have to take responsibility on all outcome and adversity. As a coach / trainer, I have to demonstrate taking responsibility so that I can tell the audience / clients this is the way to go.

It means asking a tough question. Have I thought of all legally, morally and ethically ways to make things work?

So who is with me?

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