8 Must-Do’s To Have a Purposeful Life

Over the Chinese New Year holiday, I was engrossed on a new Playstation 3 game, Kingdom of Amalur. The game demonstrates eight ways to have a purposeful life. I bought the game because of the trailer and gameplay. I expected to be immersed by the action, I didn’t expect to be blown away by the depth of this game. What I didn’t really expect is the gameplay is so closely ties to our daily living.

Kingdom of Amalur reminds me to live a purposeful life. In this post, you will learn eight must-do’s to live a purposeful life.

1. Explore The World
There are hidden treasures, doors, quests, friends and enemies to be found in the game. You proceed through the game by exploring the world. Explore beyond what the quests will take. Interact with the non-playing characters whom may provide you with new quests, treasures or clues to the next hidden door.

Isn’t it the same as your life? Many hidden treasures and opportunities are to be found in the real world. Explore the world, interact with friends you do not know yet. Surprises may be lurking around the corner.

2. Experiment The New
Take on new challenges, new hobbies, interests or activities. In the game, the best weapons and armors is crafted by combining raw materials together. Since I won’t know what weapons or armors I can create, the only way to find out is through experimenting and testing. The best weapons wasn’t crafted successfully all the time, but it didn’t matter because it’s suppose to be experimenting and having fun.

Are you experimenting life at this moment? Test out a new idea, do something out of your usual way. You may discover something interesting along the way.

I sold ice cream, novelty items, involved in tuition centers, learning ability training, ebay store etc. I ended up making $1k/month on ebay and saw many opportunities through ebay.

In these process of experimenting, I learned consumer sales and consumer behaviourism while I was selling ice cream.

Never say never. Experiment new things to gain experience. Worst thing that can happen is you don’t like it, and you won’t do it again.

3. Clarity of Self
Like most Role-Playing Game (RPG), you choose a class to begin your adventure. You will want to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the class chosen. The strengths and weaknesses will determine the way you engage in battles. You won’t use a Rogue to tank a Troll. You will take advantage of Rogue’s finesse to play police and thieves in battle.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Find out your passion and become obsess with it. Leverage on your strength to engage in your life battle.

4. Help Others
In the game, there are side quests that are optional. You can choose to help the people who’s in trouble and earn some experience and money. I’m not implying that you should expect a return when you help others in real life.

Helping others always satisfied ourselves. Giving assistant to someone who is in need creates a huge connection between the people involved. One of the purpose in life is to build relationship by just giving and loving.

5. Have Integrity
There are angelic and devilish choices in the game. I struggled within to make those choices. While I wanted to play as a devilish character but I was conflicting with those devilish choices. I couldn’t bring myself to choose “I’m going to make you pay” with a vengeance tone.

You are face with many choices life. Go with your heart, go with your integrity. Struggling within on one path may mean that you are out of integrity. What’s the point of living a life out of integrity? A purposeful life is a life with integrity.

6. Continuous Learning
A purposeful life will never lack of with growing and learning. Acquiring new skills, magic and abilities is a critical attraction in any Role-Playing game. In Kingdom of Amalur, there are so many of the skills and abilities that anyone can’t possibly learn them all.

Applying this to life, we can’t possibly learn everything in the world. Taking one skill at a time, acquiring one ability as we go. Never stop learning as it adds purpose into our life.

7. Out of Comfort Zone
Step out. Take on new challenges. Fight bigger monsters. I got bored when I defeated the boss with three slashes. I went further in my exploration to find tougher bosses to expand my range and experience.

Get out of your comfort zone. Take on a bigger fight of life. Life becomes exciting and interesting. Your world expand, your ability increase.

8. Join a Community
The character can choose to join a community or communities. New quests becomes available with participation in the community. New sub-stories unfolded with each community joined.

Join a group or groups to enrich your life. With a group threading into your life, new sub-stories may unfold in your life. New purpose may be found.

We are all here to live a life that we can be proud of. I am going to live a life that I’m not going to regret. These eight must-do list are my way to live a purposeful life. What about you? How are you living your purposeful life?

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