While I was tired

Honestly, I was tired for the past two months because business result hasn’t been blossoming. Enrollment for Public Presentation Mastery got stagnant in the new year. Losing a five-figure corporate deal didn’t make me feel any better.

So I asked, how much longer can I hang on to this alone?

Then, the Universe sent a sign. Thank God, it’s an encouraging sign.

Received a nice email on 1 Mar 2013 from an Australian Clinical Psychologist who attended Procrastination Buster Workshop.

I’m honoured to receive this email from her not only because of her job position, but because she’s doing her PhD. Receiving such email is a boost to me. It’s a sign post for me that I’m moving on the right path.

In the screen shot below, I erased everything that is confidential to the client. So you’ll only see the good write-up of the workshop. That’s what testimonial is all about, right? Showing you the nice write-ups.

Really, this is one of my proudest moments!

Janaed Testimonail

To attend Procrastination Buster Workshop, click here.

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