Why Are You Not Achieving Success

If you are not achieving success in your life, you really should slap yourself hard. This is not an inspirational post. This is not a post with kind words. This is not a coaching post.

This is a post with hard truth accompanied by compassion. Not only compassion can be demonstrated through the soft side of human being, compassion can be expressed from the hard naked truth of human being. I was taught to exercise compassion from soft side, but once in a while, the sound of a wake up call has to be struck.

A mother disciplining her child. Is she full of compassion? Most likely. Heard the saying? “Spare the cane, spoilt the child.”

This post exercise the cane treatment to slap you with the hard truth. If you are not achieving success, you really should take a hard look at yourself. Are you generating tons of excuses to get away? Do you lack serious commitment to get things done? Are you losing focus as fast as the players at the slot machines?

There is no one to blame, nothing to blame except yourself. Your excuses had you accept mediocrity. Your lack of serious commitment had you stay in comfort zone. You accept that you are not getting success. You console yourself, telling yourself it’s alright not to have it, accept what is given. How will you achieve anything by accepting a lower standard?

How come this is such a harsh post?

After watching a short video about a blind artist who defies all odds to produce beautiful art pieces, I don’t see anyone not succeeding in their own life. Anyone can succeed. Anyone who watches the video and still blames circumstances, environment and people odd to be shot. That passion and resilient is something we can learn.

The only thing that stands between you and success is yourself. Don’t ever create another excuse for yourself, or blame something else because nothing can stop you when you possess that serious commitment to make something work.

Look at your life right now. Where have you allow yourself to slide? Be honest, where are the areas you need support? Ignite that passion again, and crush any obstacles to create a success path. Don’t ever give up on your dream.

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