I’m Lost. How Do I Find My Passion?

“What do you want in life?” A question that I always asked my clients. The response was usually, “I don’t know. How do I find my passion?”

This is such an important question to life, but many don’t have an answer. Knowing your passion opens the door to a passionate life. Knowing your passion guide you on any future decisions you are making. Knowing your passion provides you more energy to life.

It’s such a painful feeling of not knowing your passion, isn’t it? Don’t you feel lost not knowing what do you want in life? Every week, I hear “I don’t know” from people whom I cared for. Every week I feel this same pain and lost from people who is searching for a way out.

Since this is such an important question, how come no one seriously thought about it? How come so many people don’t know the answer?

It all started from our childhood.

In my country, the emphasis of a child is on passing the next exam, going to a branded school and having better grades than the neighbour’s child. A child will never be asked about his/her passion. When the child is done with the basic education of primary and secondary school, an appropriate tertiary course will be assigned to the child depending on his/her exam results, not depending on his/her interest.

In my case, I flunked my English in ‘O’ Level, and that restricted my choice to only three kinds of engineering courses. I was kept out of the door though my interest in Business Studies was high. I did proceed to an engineering course with misery only to drop out during my last year to end that misery.

Today, I ended up running my own business without a business certificate/degree. I learned how to read financial reports better than many business degree holders. Despite my failure in English, readers are visiting this blog, I’ve written an e-book. Writing another one, and planning to publish one this year. Once you uncover your passion, paper qualification means nothing.

Before I found my passion, were I lost? Hell, yes!

Money Is Not A Passion

Are you one of those who mentioned, “Making money is my passion”? If making money is your passion, I carry great concern for you. Money is a report card. Money is a result of your action.

I’ve seen many friends who never got stabilized in their career or business because they made making money their passion. I had my fair share of Spinning Around (not that song). I’ve meddled with an ice cream business, sold novelty products, imported products, ebay, real estate agent, insurance products etc. The objective of doing so many different businesses is to make money. But my energy didn’t sustain me to work on them for long term. I lost the energy after a while. My passion is not in these areas.

How do you find your passion? Seriously there are no right answers to this. Passion can happen anytime, anywhere. It can happen when you are reading a magazine. It can happen while you are chatting with a stranger. It can happen while shopping in the mall.

Since there isn’t a right way to find your passion. I shall share how I find my passion. You may take that into consideration to find your passion.

Trial and Error

Like I mentioned earlier, I sold ice cream, novelty products, insurance, real estate etc. Then I learned pencil drawing too. After trying them out, I discovered that I didn’t really enjoy them.

I attended many seminars, played educational games, read finance and business books. That got me into my passion of training and eventually opened up the coaching door.

Do take note of false passion. Getting into a new activity, drives your adrenalin high up. you’ll feel excited and passionate about it.

When I first got involved in the ice cream business, it was filled with fun and passion. I was energized by the loads of ice cream we could sell in a day. Day by day that fun-ness deteriorated. Before I knew it, I was burnt out, I didn’t enjoy it anymore.

Similarly when I got into insurance and property industry, I was full of zest. I went around telling others that I love helping people by planning their finances. Or I love looking for nice properties for my clients. After 3 months, that zest has dissipated. Even though I was making money in property, something is missing. Passion.

It is like the elimination process. Do many activities, then cut down on those the don’t energize you. At least that’s what I did.


You Got The Feeling

How would you know it is not a false passion? Do you feel energized with your work, your contribution or your effort? Do you feel you want to do more of that?

After conducted my first training, I wanted more of it. A deep sense of satisfaction grew from within. Not relieve but satisfaction.

After every training or coaching, the smile from the participants’ face or the sparkle from their eyes, generate an indescribable sensation. I will want to tell myself, “You made it.”

Do you ever have that sensation? This may be it. The passion that you are looking for. Recall from your memory, when was the last time you experienced this indescribable feeling that energize you? If you never experience it, don’t frown. Go to the trial and error stage, keep searching with an open heart.

Continue The Trial and Error

What happen when you found your passion? Job is half done. The other half is to continue testing different things around that passion. When I found my passion in transforming lives, I thought this is it. Very soon, I realize there are many areas in transforming lives. When I choose training, again very soon I realize that there are a whole new field that I didn’t know before.

So I tested again. Outdoor training, indoor training, adults training, children training, corporate training, public courses, different topics etc. Finally zoom in on one that resonate with me most, one that energize me.

Explore different things with an open heart. I don’t know how you can find your passion, but that was how I found my passion.

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