Encouraging Emails From Participants of Public Presentation Mastery

This month is a slightly busier month. I am either conducting or supporting programs on every weekends. Last weekend, together with the team consists of Douglas Ng, Vincent Tan, Jayson Yap, Serena Liew and Subrina Ng, we conducted our sole-proprietor program, Public Presentation Mastery.

I said it before and I like to say it again. This is not your typical public speaking course. Many of the participants mentioned it as well, “a very different public presentation course”. You don’t just learn presentation skills, you learn presenting with a soul.

Speaking without a soul will only make you a speaking machine. You won’t be influencing audience in a powerful manner without SOUL. You won’t be touching people’s heart, the most you can do is to inspire their mind.

Within a week after the program, we received two encouraging emails to the team. This types of emails drive us forward.

Why would I wanted to do a public speaking course?

My answer is human transformation. Because public speaking is one of the biggest fear that many faced. One of the effective way to have someone to face their own fear is to get the person to speak on public. The other effective way is maybe to get the person to do bungee jump.

Due to our pride, we may not admit that we have fear. But once on stage, there is no hideout. Everything surfaces on stage. All emotion become obvious. That’s when transformation begins.

I’m extremely honoured to have these awesome participants in class. They are courageous, committed and confident. All of them are such a beautiful and loving soul. Looking forward to work with some of them in a more deeper level.


Subrina's Email

Subrina’s Email

Suneeta's Email

Suneeta’s Email

Public Presentation Mastery 02

Public Presentation Mastery 02








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