99 Crazy Activities To Relieve Stress

99 Crazy Activities To Relieve Stress

  1. Sing loudly. Doesn’t matter it’s out of tune.
  2. Shout from the mountain top.
  3. Order chicken rice from MacDonald.
  4. Run up the escalator in the opposite direction.
  5. Give $100 to a stranger.
  6. Do bungee jump.
  7. Do comedy movies marathon.
  8. Shout till you cry or laugh.
  9. Test drive a Ferarri.
  10. Blow up 99 balloons.
  11. Record yourself with funny faces.
  12. Pick a fight and then apologize.
  13. Skin dipping in a private pool.
  14. Go for a vacation without planning.
  15. Jump onto the first bus that arrive.
  16. Fold paper cranes for all your friends.
  17. Canoe to nowhere.
  18. Watch horror movies alone.
  19. Point at a building and see who follow you.
  20. Walk up to a stranger, ask the person if he/she remembers you.
  21. Play hide and seek with your romantic partner.
  22. Follow whatever your friend says.
  23. Run slow motion at the beach.
  24. Go scare a dog.
  25. Tell a child that you are from his/her future.
  26. Ask a Macdonald’s staff if eating a happy meal will make you happy.
  27. Pop a balloon. If that doesn’t get you to de-stress, pop some more.
  28. Pretend to be a superhero.
  29. Call someone to ask if this is their number.
  30. Tell a stranger, “I know what you did last night.”
  31. Wrestle a bolster to the ground while imagine you are Ultraman.
  32. Learn a magic, then start performing on street.
  33. Shake a can of coke and pass to your friend.
  34. Have a water gun fight with pals.
  35. Paint your cat’s toenails.
  36. Play in the fountains.
  37. Wear a party hat in public.
  38. Dance in the rain.
  39. Go camping in the woods.
  40. Go fishing even though you don’t know how to do it.
  41. Video yourself doing crazy dance.
  42. Look at your primary school photos.
  43. Make paper planes and throw them out of your window.
  44. Have a banana party.
  45. Punch a sandbag while thinking of your ex.
  46. Run till you can run no more.
  47. Swim in the beach in pajamas.
  48. Jump into a waterfall and shout “Oh God”.
  49. Run as fast as you can and shout, “Help me”.
  50. Buy all sorts of chocolate in the supermart.
  51. Scold the tree in front of your house.
  52. Talk to a volleyball.
  53. Paint your car pink.
  54. Write a letter to yourself and post it out.
  55. Play chess with a toddler.
  56. Speak like Master Yoda.
  57. Dress up your cat or dog or fish.
  58. Walk on the street with a Batman’s mask.
  59. Drive those children electric car but imagine you are in F1 race.
  60. Play your childhood games.
  61. Do a new sports and play full out.
  62. Organize your own concert. Invite your friends to attend.
  63. Play basketball in the kids’ court.
  64. Discuss with your best friends how to make fun of your ex-teacher.
  65. Organize a retro party.
  66. Go scare a scarecrow.
  67. Make your own kite.
  68. Buy your favourite childhood toys.
  69. Wear something outrageous.
  70. Have lunch in your old school.
  71. Give a hug to everyone you meet.
  72. Talk like a chipmunk for a day.
  73. Explore new kind of juices with fruits and vegetables.
  74. Ask your friend to pack you into a large bag.
  75. Talk to an imaginary friend in public. Watch the expression of passer-by.
  76. Call a friend whom you’ve not met for at least 10 years.
  77. Go to the top of the building and sing “I believe I can fly” loudly.
  78. Buy the biggest jigsaw puzzle to complete.
  79. Examine a rock or grass. Notice how beautiful they are.
  80. Visit a museum of any kind.
  81. Start your own foreign language.
  82. Do volunteer work for six months.
  83. Learn to dance Gangnam style.
  84. Do a ballet with music of Nobody But You.
  85. Give a waiter an unexpected big tip.
  86. Announce your big dream to everyone you meet.
  87. Dress up like a smurf.
  88. Organize a birthday party regardless if it’s your birthday.
  89. Start a paper bullet war in the office.
  90. Draw anything non-stop for 8 hours.
  91. Build a sand castle to break the Guinness World of Record.
  92. Learn to sing a K-Pop song.
  93. Go to your boss and start laughing.
  94. Play a childhood video game like Super Mario or Donkey Kong.
  95. Organize your mini cos-play party.
  96. Learn 10 jokes and tell your friends in a party.
  97. If someone is walking behind you, confront them on why he/she keeps following you.
  98. Ask a stranger, “Finally you are here. What is our next mission?”
  99. Do caroling even it’s not christmas.

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