10th Anniversary of My Life

Year 2013 is an important year. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of many memorable events in my life. Looking back, year 2003 was the turning point of my life, the beginning of a new life.

10th Anniversary in Book

I like to talk about this book. Though I read it in 2002, 11 years to be exact; it was the turning point of my journey. After reading this book, I was certain to walk the path of an entrepreneur. Such an instrumental book to my life, and many of you would have read it as well. It is none other than, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. A simple concept of the cashflow quadrant, E, S, B, I in the book, opened new possibilities for many.

From the concept in the book, I decided to walk away from the ‘E’ quadrant. I wanted my freedom, to manage my time. I don’t like the idea of having someone else managing my time.

10th Anniversary in Seminar

Year 2003, I attended my first self-paid, 4-digit seminar. What a turning point! What an eye opener! What a transformation! This is the mother of all seminars. If there’s only one program you can attend in your lifetime, it has to be this seminar. Introducing the Money & You Program.

Money & You opened my mindset to relationship, business, money and life. Many events that occurred after were related to Money & You. Below, you’ll see the events unfolding due to Money & You.

10th Anniversary In Business

Became my own boss in 2003. Started Actionpreneur Pte Ltd with $20 after Money & You which opened me to some mindset blowing business principles and ideas. Had many learning experiences since embarking on this journey. Had lots of fun too.

Running a business opened me to many new adventures. From meeting new people to new opportunities. Done things that I wouldn’t do as an employee. Achieved personal breakthroughs over and over again in these 10 years.

Never regret walking this path.

10th Anniversary In Friends

Most of my friends since 2003 are from Money & You. Till now, the common denominator with most of my friends is Money & You. This program forged a strong bonding between people. Some of them are still my great friends after 10 years. This year is our 10 years anniversary as friends.

ken clive sean

Sean, Me, Clive and Ken

There were breakdowns in our friendship. There were times that we didn’t talk to one another, had judgements on one another. The thing is we are hanging out happily in year 2013 with one another. Even though we had our breakdowns, our friendship stood the test.

Carolyn & Adelene

Carolyn & Adelene

10th Anniversary In Marriage

Lastly, the most important turning point of my life. The woman who believes in me when I’m down and out. In 2003, we officially became husband and wife by law. For 10 years, she continues to believe in me over and over again.

My lovely wife

My lovely wife

We went through hardship together, laugh and cry together. She’s really the woman behind the man. She demonstrated LOVE, and anger. When people left, she was here. She witnessed the ups and downs of my 10 years. Thank you, Jean.

What About You
How has it been like for you in the last 10 years? What are your 10th anniversary? What are you grateful for in the last 10 years? Are there friends or family whom you missed? Are there events that allow you to learn more about yourself?

Have fun recalling your past 10 years.

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