The Day I Had Closure With Two Enemies

Do you have “friends” whom you refuse to speak to them? From your perspective, these “friends” did some terrible things to you. You were no longer friends with them since then.

I had friends who did some terrible things to hurt me in the past. I couldn’t forgive them even though it was the right thing to do, I just couldn’t do it. My hair behind my neck would stand upon hearing their names. The anger would start boiling in me when someone mentioned their names.

When I saw them in any gathering, I wouldn’t be bother to speak to them. When they attempted to open any conversation with me, my response would always be a one word answer.

On 15 Apr 2013, while I was reflecting my role as a Coach, something bothered me. I wasn’t walking the talk in this area of my life. I didn’t have closure with two person in my life. I was still holding on to the hurt they brought to me. During coaching sessions, I’ll ask my clients to clear up their emotional stuff, to let go of any baggages with people. Yet I was holding to baggages

Knowing that I have to set an example and earning my right, I made a decision to let go of the baggages. Or in coaching term, it’s called doing a completion. There are many ways to do completion, and I choose the toughest one. That is to meet them in person to share my feelings with them, and finally, tell them that I am complete, and I don’t hold anything against them anymore.

I declared that I’ve completed with these two friends over a week. We are friends again. My heart is filled with love with the gap created by letting go. Now I can face them with all my heart and love when we meet again.

I’m uncertain if having these completions affect my business in anyway but I do see business results improving after letting go of the baggages. I can’t be certain if it’s a direct effect, but I can be certain that I feel much lighter.

Whenever I let go, I move faster. An article about me letting go of the lousy me.

My point in this post is:

So do you have anything you need to let go in your life?
Do you have anything to complete with anyone?
Is it time to do a completion with them?

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