How Do You Build Self Esteem – Part 7/7

How’s your progress so far? In Part 6 of How Do You Build Self Esteem, you were invited to track your progress. Has it been working for you? If you really have a tough time following, you may like to get some support from me.

This is the last part of this series. We’ve gone through the internal work of building self esteem, then the external work of setting up goals, having plans and creating self-discipline. After putting in effort to build your self esteem, we are moving into a new and last area. Building your self esteem through taking care of your well being.

Not many people are taking care of themselves. Most people usually neglect their well being because we are trained to take care of others very well, but not ourselves. We tends to provide the best for our children, take good care of elderly parents at home and support our friends whenever possible. But when it come to ourselves, we leave till the last. We’ll eat the leftovers if there is any left. Others always come before us.

Unfortunately placing others before self is not good for your self esteem. By doing so, you are sacrificing yourself for others. There’s actually nothing wrong with it, but if it’s an automatic behaviour, you will suffer.

Start treating yourself well, especially after you completed a task, achieve your milestones or putting in effort.

Treating yourself well is different from celebration. Both seems the same but they are not. Celebration is pampering yourself after a job well done. Whereas treating yourself well is the small things that you do to take care of your well being.

The seven well being areas that you can look at:

  1. Health
  2. Emotion
  3. Spiritual
  4. Relationship
  5. Recreation
  6. Personal Growth
  7. Finance

Those with low self esteem tends to neglect their well being. When your well being is not taken care, how would you feel good?

To take care of your well being, have activities that take care of your seven well being areas.

You could start practicing yoga for 20 minutes a day to take care of your health area. Or meditate for 5 minutes a day to take care of your spiritual aspect. Your life will start to change when you take care of your well being. Completing these simple activities serves as an accomplishment which helps build yourself, and at the same time you are taking care of your well being.

Generate at least three activities in each of the seven well being areas. So it may look something like this:


  • 10 minutes yoga
  • Healthy diet
  • Drink 2 litres of water


  • Acknowledge my emotion
  • Expressing my emotion
  • Watch funny video


  • Meditate 5 minutes a day
  • Being aware and appreciate surrounding
  • Pray


  • Connect with love ones
  • Catching up with friends
  • Conversation with parents


  • Sing
  • Explore new hobby
  • Draw

Personal Growth

  • Read
  • Attend seminar
  • Learn from Mentor


  • Invest
  • Save 10% more
  • Reduce debt

From your well being check list, select 5 activities each day. Probably there will be repeated activities, and that’s alright. The activities doesn’t have to be tedious. Like drinking 2 litres of water doesn’t take lot of time.

Doing this correctly, you will be taking care of all seven areas of your well being daily. Compound it daily, can you imagine the level of self esteem you can build for yourself?

Go ahead to create your Well Being Daily Check List. Practice and follow your list for 30 days. After 30 days, check-in with your feeling. How do you feel after following your well being list for 30 days?

Last thing I like to leave you with to build your self esteem before we end this series. Start loving yourself more.

Do you ever felt the feeling of love? Yes, that feeling that you project onto others when you love them. The love for parents, spouse, children and friends. How about projecting this same love to yourself? Say loving things to yourself as if you are saying to your love ones.

We tends to love everyone except ourselves. We say loving things, write loving notes to others but never to ourselves. How about start doing that. Look at the mirror, and say “I love you.”

We have to be filled with love before we can fully love another. Fill yourself with love by start taking care of your well being. Your love will build self esteem in speed because love is the most powerful force in this world.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Build Self Esteem – Part 7/7

  1. Subrina Ng

    Yes, the power of love can never be underestimated. It can spur one to take action and transform lives to one least expected.
    Sad to say at times people are just too caught up with the rat race or even the computer games that they do not even have the “me” time to connect with oneself.
    Your check list give idea of  how we can take care of our well being in the 7 areas (as many have neglected at least 2 areas and that my discovery in my course of work) and boost our self esteem. Great sharings in these 7 series ! It does give an insight to our beings and how our norm can affect us subconsciously. 

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hi Subrina,
      Yes, most are too caught up with the entertainment and noise around us. Eventually they don’t take care of themselves. Some will even lose themselves in the process.


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