A Very Busy Three Weeks

If you have been following my blog, you would have remember the post, I Felt Like A Loser. I lost a deal, but things were not as bad as I thought. Thought I lost that deal, I got busier. Interesting that things turned out this way. It might be a blessing that I lost the deal, because I might not have the time to handle this deal.

For the past 4 weekends, I was either engaged in coaching or training. If I was not doing any of those, then I was involved in another interesting project.

For the past 4 weeks, beside training and coaching, I had to submit proposals, meetings for new projects, creating new training games, new products, research. These are only the business part of my life.

The result of the busy-ness, I neglected my beautiful wife. Either I reached home later than usual or I was engaged in trainings on weekends. At the same time, I neglected myself too. Time is scarce that I didn’t have enough time for myself. I didn’t have time to reflect.

Finally, I managed to have 2 days of rest last weekend. Engaging myself with Playstation 3, reading book that I borrowed from the library and spending time with myself. Most importantly, I could hang out with my wife.

It was really a good break on last weekend to rejuvenate myself. When I look at my calendar, I’m going to get busy very soon again. I am feeling that my life is full of zest and purpose. This is the life that I choose to live.

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