When I Wait For Things To Happen

Once upon a time, in a faraway land. Does it sound like a fairy tale? No, I’m not going to tell a fairy tale. But I’m going to tell a story that happened years ago.

After serving my National Service in Dec 1999, I was offered a job in a non-profit organization. Without second thought, I happily took it up. I felt great to get a job since I didn’t have to worry about the future anymore with a job.

This was the start of a life without vitality.

In actual fact, I didn’t have a plan then, I didn’t know what I want in life, I didn’t have a direction to move on. So, I grabbed whatever that came along, thinking that this was the future. not knowing that this was not the future. I was wrong about not worrying about the future because what was coming up was worth worrying about.

Life was just going through motion. No goals, no plans, no direction. There wasn’t any 1 year plan or 3 years plan. How can you not be worried if you don’t have a plan, goal and direction?

Even taking up a part time diploma course seems like a natural thing to do. I took it up because everyone else was taking up a course. The intention was to get the certificate, who cares about learning. At the same time, I wasn’t extremely passionate about the job. It’s just a job. I was following what others wanted me to do, what the society expect me to achieve. And this is worrying.

In 2002, situation started to shift. I was exposed to books on personal development, business and investment. I noticed that I was passive about my life. From school days to national service to the first job, I allowed circumstances to happen to me. I wasn’t in control of my life.

I was awaken from my dream. Just like the movie Matrix, I took the red pill and was shown the other side of the world. I was shown that life is not just about job, pay raise and certificates. I was shown that life is about purpose, passion, contribution to humanity, being authentic, experiential, breaking through limitation, challenging status quo etc.

Life is more than what I thought it should be. Life is not what the school has taught me or what my parents have told me. Study hard, work hard is not life. Life is more than that.

I learn that I can create the kind of life I desire. I don’t have to allow circumstances or environment to push me around. I don’t have to wait for things to happen, I can make things happen.

Life started shifting since then. The days of me being a walking dead has past. Life is no longer miserable. Life turns into an adventure, full of energy, passion and purpose.

Fast forward to 2013, Many examples of the “old” me are around. They are not sure of what they want in life. A stable job is life to them. They don’t have a 3 years plan, 1 year plan or even a 3 months plan. They are waiting for life to happen to them, just like my experience in 2000.

Only a few will have a goal. But even that goal is vague with no clarity or dateline. The usual thought is when the opportunity arrive for them to achieve that goal, they will take it. Otherwise, they will remain where they are. They won’t have the drive to pursue what their goal.

Three reasons how come people allow life to happen to them, which also cause them to sell their dreams. 

  • School didn’t teach us to manage our life. School taught us to listen to authority, to have someone else take care of our life.
  • It’s easier to have someone else manage our life for us.
  • Without a goal, there won’t be pursuing, therefore no disappointment.

These three reasons stop them in designing and living the kind of life they want. They are trapped in a world full of false expectation. They are stuck in an environment where they are going after things that they don’t want, yet unable to get out of there.

To get out of that environment, all you have to shift is to believe that you can design and create exactly the kind of life you want. All you need to do is to decide to believe and act on it.

I am one of those who turn from not knowing to taking charge. Beside me, there are many others out there who believe in taking charge of their outcome and not allowing life to happen to them. You can be one of them too. Start believing it today!

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